The KalliKids ethos of giving families information they can trust and opportunities inclusive to all, resonates with the core belief of MW Solicitors to make quality legal services accessible to everyone.

The foundation of both companies is firmly routed in giving you the best possible service with the most reliable information, whether it be marketing your classes to local families, to securing legal assistance for your business.

MW Solicitors and KalliKids work together to ensure your business has a trusted place to turn to when you need it most.

MW Solicitors KalliKids Helpline - 020 3551 8255

MW Solicitors cover a diverse range of legal areas with dedicated specialists on hand to guide you through the multitude of legal issues that face both you and your business.  We set up our partnership to give KalliKids providers access to our free consultation service.  Call us today on 020 3551 8255 or email us at to get assistance with a range of legal issues including:

  • Money & Finance
  • Injury & Health
  • Litigation & Disputes
  • Commercial Property

The MW Solicitors Mission

At MW we aspire to have more specialist solicitors, in more areas of law, in more offices on more high streets, speaking more languages and accessible in more ways than any other firm in the country.

We believe you should be able to deal with real people, close to you, who know you and we strive at all times to offer an accessible, affordable and personal service.

The KalliKids Mission

We give parents access to tried, tested and KalliKids approved activities and in turn give our approved providers visibility to our growing parent member base.

Establishing your reputation as a trusted children's activity provider through our engagement with quality conscience families throughout the country means that your business gets the recognition it deserves to the people that matter.  You can find out more about how to become a KalliKids provider on the KalliKids Provider page.

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MW Kallikids Helpline

Telephone 020 3551 8255
email email us