Nicola Jones-King
Nicola Jones-King
Partner, Head of Family and Child Law

When it comes to your Family and Children, only the very best will do. Our team of experienced professionals are here to deliver just that.

We are one of the largest Family & Child Law Departments in the South East and our dedicated and specialist team of Family & Child Law Solicitors have expertise in dealing with individuals; adoption and fostering agencies; Courts and Family Law organisations both in the UK and abroad.

We are sympathetic and supportive throughout.  Our solicitors will conduct your case in an efficient, positive and considerate way.  We find good results are achieved by working closely with clients and building up relationships of trust and mutual respect.   Our experience of local services such as mediation, coupled with a sound knowledge of the law, means that we can support you through the difficult decisions you may have to make.

We are very experienced at dealing with both private and publicly funded (legal aid) clients and we undertake the majority of our own advocacy ensuring continuity of representation.

Our breadth and depth of experience mean there is no issue we cannot handle.  Use our Solicitor Finder, call in at one of our offices or call us now on 0203 551 8500 to discuss your case.

When you are separating, a real concern for many couples is what the financial outcome of the split will be. Questions about,  whether you'll be able to keep the house? or whether your children will have to change schools?,  or can you afford to pay the bills?, and what will happen about pensions? are the kind of questions we are often asked.

If you and your partner are married or in a civil partnership and can't agree on how to split property and sort out your finances you can apply to the courts for a financial remedy.

The courts are able to make a range of orders for cash payments, transfer of property or other assets, maintenance and pension sharing. The position is not the same for unmarried couples who have been living together.

We would encourage you to come and see us for an initial meeting, so you fully understand your options.  For most people a session with a mediator will be best before making an application to the court.  We would work with you alongside that process. Mediation isn’t right for everyone, or sometimes things drag on or you just cannot reach agreement, so a court application is then necessary.

Adoption is an exciting but daunting journey for child and parent alike. When you adopt a child the Court makes you that child's legal parent. An adoption order is permanent and cannot be reversed. Any single person or couple who live together, whether married or in a civil partnership, heterosexual or same-sex partners, can adopt a child.

We advise on any adoption matters including of children from abroad.  We have solicitors with considerable experience who have been providing advice to private individuals and adoption agencies for many years.

While it is stressful to write a will, it is far worse not to write one, and worse still to write a bad one

We can ensure that your wishes are properly laid out and appropriately carried out.  You can talk to us in the strictest confidence, and we will work with you closely and sympathetically.   We can bring our extensive experience and our collaborative work approach to make sure you and your loved ones have peace of mind.

Whether you plan to open a Trust or have become a Trustee, you have new responsibilities that require exceptionally careful consideration

McMillan Williams can advise you on how a trust works and the tax implications of setting one up, whatever your circumstances.  We can also review a trust and give you a clear understanding of your legal duties and responsibilities.  You can talk to us in the strictest confidence and we will work with you closely and collaboratively.

Sometimes you need to do more than write a will to protect your interests.  This can be particularly true around inheritance tax and other claims on your property and assets

You want to pass on as much as you can to the people you care for, and we can help.  We can work in the strictest confidence to do a thorough review of your estate and help you plan appropriately.  It is too important to leave to chance, and often too complicated or stressful to attempt alone. We will work with you closely and sympathetically to ensure you, your assets and your wishes are all well protected.

As an estate executor you are unlikely to want additional stress or complications during a difficult time. Unfortunately, ensuring you are acting in proper accordance with the deceased's wishes may not be as straightforward as you had hoped.

This could be made worse by ambiguity or family argument.  We can help bring clarity to the situation and allow you to confidently adminster your responsibilities.  Our sympathetic and considered work approach aims to relieve you of additional stress at a difficult time and let you move on happily.

Mark Stubberfield
Mark Stubberfield
Regional Partner, Head of Court of Protection

When planning for yourself and your family you need to know your wishes will be carried out as you intend. If you are handling the Estate of another, you need to know where you stand as regards their wishes.

Whatever you are going through it is likely to be difficult, stressful and emotional.  We can help ensure that your decisions and wishes are watertight, leaving you free to move forward.

You can talk to us in the strictest confidence and we will work with you closely and sympathetically.

Mediation can help to resolve disputes over all issues faced by separating couples, or in relation to specific issues, such as the arrangements for any children to ensure the best possible solution for you and your family.

Trained mediators will meet with you, and if appropriate, with you and your partner together. We will identify any issues you do not agree on and help you to try and reach amicable agreement. 

All mediators have to be totally impartial and can not give advice to either party. You can however, obtain legal advice alongside the mediation process and we can advise and assist you with this, if we are not already undertaking the mediation for you.

There are many types of living together arrangements and we are here to advise you on how best to protect your interests when going in to a new relationship and to help you sort things out if there are difficulties within your relationship.

You might want to consider either a pre nuptial or cohabitation (Living Together) agreement covering each person’s expectations, usually financial, but can include, within reason, anything you wish. We also have good experience of preparing post nuptial or separation agreements.

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