In this age of instant communication, reputations can be destroyed in the blink of an eye and attacks on reputations can now occur in many places, from social media and the internet to the mainstream press, or television.  Our experts specialise not just in representing high-profile media personalities, corporate leaders, politicians and organisations, but also the general public, for whom a defamatory attack or campaign against them may be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but equally (and sometimes more) damaging to them.

Ryan Dunleavy
Ryan Dunleavy
Partner & Head of Media Law Reputation Management

In select cases we offer clients conditional fee agreements (ie, no win, no fee funding).

As well as having a wide range of experience of suing defamation defendants in the High Court for damages (ie, compensation), orders, and injunctions, we take a practical approach to these disputes and settle most of them out-of-court.

We realise that being dragged through lengthy court proceedings under the glare of public and media scrutiny is not always the ideal solution for our clients. Many would prefer a discreet out-of-court settlement of damages, sometimes with a public apology and other times confidentially, depending upon the preference of our clients.

At McMillan Williams, we also seek to prevent publication of planned defamatory pieces, but where that has not been possible, we act swiftly to repair the harm done by the defamatory publication or broadcast.

Our lead Partner dealing with defamation disputes is a former national newspaper journalist, as well as a former libel consultant lawyer to the press, and as such he has an unusual and helpful perspective as a solicitor upon how the media works, and knowledge of the best tactics to deploy to obtain favourable settlements for our clients.

After settlement has been reached, or a trial concluded, we also offer a press release drafting service to ensure our clients’ good reputations are fully restored, if a particular client wishes to publicise their matter.

As well as the above, for our corporate clients that are proactively taking measures to protect their reputations, we offer training seminars upon how to do so, and we prepare risk assessments and report upon company systems from a defamation perspective.

We also provide training to organisations upon how to try to avoid accidentally defaming a third party in their publications, whether this be via newsletters, leaflets, slogans, giving quotes to the media, advertising, or another method of communication.

In addition, we provide a pre-publication libel reading service to novelists, script-writers, website content drafters, speechwriters, and other writers, as well as to organisations and companies that have websites.

Edwin OmoRegie
Edwin OmoRegie
Partner, Head of Mental Health and Dispute Resolution

Mental Health difficulties are often unrecognised and even more commonly misunderstood. Unfortunately this poor understanding can have serious consequences

Our specialist Mental Health team can help provide all the insight, support and expertise you need to make sure your issue is treated quickly, fairly and legally.

Meta Panchamia
Meta Panchamia
Partner, Chartered Legal Executive. Head of Commercial Litigation and Insolvency

At MW we have expert Solicitors who can help with Personal Insolvency issues including, assisting insolvency practitioners in realising a debtor’s assets be that by repossession and sale of the bankrupt’s home or recovery of assets which have been dissipated by the bankrupt prior to, or following the bankruptcy order.

Sometimes these applications can involve sensitive exceptional circumstances and complex disputes relating to exoneration or division of the beneficial interest and our team has the right level of experience to assist. The team is also able to advise insolvency practitioners on all types of antecedent transactions, IPOs, general litigation which the bankrupt may have been involved in before the Order, pension issues, annulments and IVAs. 

The team can also assist a Bankrupt or other parties when faced with the above issues and require guidance and assistance as to the best form of settlement or whether the claim made is defendable.

Corporate Insolvency

Our Corporate Insolvency expertise includes assisting insolvency practitioners in antecedent transaction claims such as preferences, undervalue claims or disposition of property along with directors disqualification proceedings and further more complex issues such as wrongful/fraudulent trading or misfeasance claims. Often, matters involve a high level of investigation before a case can be commenced and we have the relevant experience to assist in those investigations to conclude quickly and efficient that there is a case and that commercially, it is viable.

We can advise and assist in placing a company into Administration for directors or creditors, we also advise on all aspects relating to  CVAs, Creditors Voluntary and Compulsory Liquidations and Members Liquidations along with LPA Receiverships.

The team can also assist directors or other parties when faced with the above issues and require guidance and assistance as to the best form of settlement or whether the claim made by the Insolvency Practitioner is defendable.


We can also offer services to creditors that will enable them to monitor any bad debts.  As a creditor, advice may be needed as to the best way to approach a bad debt or a debtor who has financial issues.  We can assist and advise on the best course of action. This may include issuing a statutory demand, a bankruptcy petition or winding up petition.  It may be that other processes are best placed to recover the debt and again we can assist you with that.

Creditors may also require advice when the debtor has become insolvent and is subject to or about to be subject to an insolvency process.  Often creditors consider at that stage that they have lost their money but that is very often wrong and we can advice on how a good recovery could be achieved by ensuring that the insolvency practitioner is able to recovery all the assets available to him.

Commercial Litigation

Our team is able to assist in commercial disputes from collection of debts through to injunctions and have a wealth of experience in dealing with high value and complex claims.

We have particular expertise in contractual debt claims along with secondary security actions and are able to assist large corporates or indeed individuals facing such disputes. We have the commercial aptitude to ensure any dispute is dealt with cost effectively always maintaining clear transparency on costs and this is achieved through the recognition of keeping the client aware of every step and the associated costs.

We have experience in mediations and alternative dispute resolution schemes to ensure the right result is met for the client at all times.

Colum Smith
Colum Smith
Chief Executive Officer

McMillan Williams advises and represents clients upon a full range of media and entertainment law issues, including copyright, moral rights, performers' rights, defamation, malicious falsehood, privacy, passing off and trade marks.

We negotiate, draft and advise upon agreements such as copyright licences and assignments, commercial contracts, management agreements, publishing contracts, and recording agreements, among other documents.

When relationships break down in the media and entertainment world, we represent clients in disputes, whether that be through litigation or negotiated out-of-court settlements. We also act for clients who complain to Ofcom, the communications regulator.

Our specialists have acted for novelists, journalists, media corporations, freelance writers, actors, producers, cameramen, costume designers, as well as various other media professionals and entities.

We have in addition represented members of the public who have unwittingly appeared against their wishes on television, radio, or in the press.

Unfortunately, conflicts cannot always be resolved. We can help quickly resolve your dispute so you can go back to enjoying your property.

Geoffrey Stagg
Geoffrey Stagg
Partner - Property Dispute Division

Whatever the nature of your property dispute, our specialist contentious property team is here to make the process as stress-free as possible for you.  We regularly act for landlords and tenants, bringing and defending claims and assisting individuals, small and large businesses as well as professional organisations.

Our professional team is experienced in dealing with residential, commercial and mixed-use property.  This places us in the ideal position to advise on your property dispute regardless of the circumstances.

Mark Jones
Mark Jones
Partner & Head of Employment Services

Whether it's your job or your business, it's your livelihood and the livelihood of your family too.

Our dedicated teams can help you get past whatever your current issue and move on to new opportunities.  Our breadth and depth of experience mean there is no issue we cannot handle.  Look us up in the 'About Us' section, find a local solicitor through this site, or call us now to be put in touch with someone near you.

Whether you are an Employee or an Employer there is nothing more stressful than workplace conflict

Our dedicated teams can help you get past your current issue and move on to new opportunities.  Our breadth and depth of experience mean there is no situation we cannot handle.  Call us now to be put in touch with someone near you.

Your job is important to you and anybody who relies on you.  Being unfairly treated or unable to work can have tremendous consequences.

Whether it is an accident, argument, or prejudice that is keeping you from being fulfilled at work, MW's specialist Employment team can help.  Our assistance does not just mean a solution now, but support and readiness for the future too.

Caring for your staff and caring for your business are your primary concerns. Knowing your rights and obligations is key to the long term health of your business

Whether you are unsure of your disciplinary procedures or concerned by the grievances of an employee or customer, our specialist Employment team is here to guide and support.  We know it's not just about a short term solution, but helping prepare for and avoid future issues as well.

Whether your business is at the start of its life or is a long-term success, we can help you grow and realise maximum value from your efforts

Our corporate team has experience across the growth cycle of a business.  Whether you're just starting out, want to expand or you're looking at a sale, merger, or IPO we can steer you through the process and offer practical advice. 

At the outset, we cover company incorporation and structuring, arrangements between founders, shareholders or partners, and employment arrangements.  Be it a start up or a business expanding via investments from friends, family, crowd funding, venture capital or private equity we can assist.

 Finally, we can help with buying or selling businesses and restructurings.  The vast business networks of our board and the corporate team mean that the right person is rarely more than a phone call away.

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