Dan Carter
Dan Carter
Partner and Head of Professional Negligence

You put your trust in a professional and they have let you down.  It has likely caused great upset and suffering to you and those around you.  Knowing where you stand and what actions you can take quickly is fundamental

Our specialist Professional Negligence team know that helping you overcome this issue quickly and with minimal stress is of paramount importance.  Until this problem is rectified you will be stuck in place, and we want to help you move forward.

Whether you are unsure of what your employer's obligations are, or find yourself being accused of failing to meet them, it can have serious consequences for your business

Our specialist Employment team can give quick and comprehensive advice on your options and provide a plan to move forward.  We aim to give you a solution now, and enduring preparedness for later.

Having a grievance brought against you can be stressful and potentially damaging for you, your business, and everyone who relies on either

Our specialist Commercial team can help you understand and firm up your legal position quickly and with minimal stress.  We also know that it is not just about overcoming this issue, but providing an enduring solution for you and your business.

The long term viability of your business requires rigorous enforcement of your rules and regulations.  Knowing that you are handling a disciplinary fairly and lawfully is vital

Our specialist Commercial team can help give you peace of mind that you and your company are protected and that your policies are fair and reasonable.  We aim to give you a solution now, and enduring preparedness for later.

You need to know that your business is in the safest possible hands, so it can keep providing for you now and into the future.

Whether starting up, building out or selling on, our team has the breadth of knowledge and depth of expertise to help you secure the legacy of your business.  Look us up in the 'About Us' section, find a local solicitor through this site, or call us now to be put in touch with someone near you.

Whether buying or selling a business or property, a big decision has been made and you need to know everything is done right before you can move on

Our team of Commercial specialists are here for you from your first purchase to your last sale and beyond.  It is not peace of mind for now that matters but peace of mind for life.

Gary Wainwright
Gary Wainwright
Partner, Head of Company Commercial

Whether it is your first transaction or merely another along the way, you know the importance of getting it right

Our team of Commercial Property Solicitors can help you from the old to the new with the minimum of stress and worry.

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