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English, Greek


I began working in the Law Industry some twenty years ago always in Commercial or Residential Property as a Conveyancing Assistant and I have improved my skills and now practise as a Residential Conveyancing Executive in all aspects of Conveyancing.

One of the most important factors in working with my clients is that customer service always comes first.  Listen to your client and understand their needs and always stay in touch with them whether its by email or telephone.  I have found that this always works for me and I can keep a good relationship with my clients at all times.

Work in the Community / Pro Bono Work

I am the Treasurer of the Greek Orthodox Church School in Brighton.

The school has been running for around 35 years for the Greek and Greek Cypriot Community of East and West Sussex.  Currently we have around 70 children that are registered at the School and around 8 Adults.

I attend the School every Saturday morning to offer support to our teachers and children and also to collect fees from the parents.

I enjoy being part of the Community and arranging fund raising events for the School as we are a non profit organisation and always need funds to support our school. 

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