What is included in the stated price (excluding VAT)

Pre-action letters and negotiations for debts relating to outstanding invoices

All debt collection matters pre-claim form are charged at a percentage of the final recovered value of the claim.  We do not set a one for all percentage.

Pre-claim work will include all work to try and recover the debt or settle the case.  A formal Letter Before Action (LBA) will be drawn up at a fixed fee of £50+VAT.

If the value of the debt is £100,000 we will not charge 25% of the recovery as this would be disproportionate to the level of work required to try and settle the matter. The percentage charge would then be reduced.  If the value of the debt is £5,000 the percentage may be 25% as this would be proportionate to the level of work required.

Issuing proceedings for the recovery of a debt in respect of outstanding invoices where there are no contractual complications

Court Fees for Making Your Application

You are liable for all Court Fees payable in the process of recovering your debt.  These are available at: https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/court-fees

There are no Court Fees for entering judgment.

Other Court Fees

Other Court Fees which you may need to pay are available at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fees-in-the-civil-and-family-courts-main-fees-ex50

These may include:

  • Order to obtain information from a Debtor.
  • Warrants fees
  • Writs (High Court only)
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Enforcing an award in the High Court
  • Charging order
  • Third party debt order

Fixed Costs

The following fixed costs will be charged to you as part of your claim and you may recover these if a judgement is obtained and the other side pays the judgement including your costs and interest.

Solicitors Fixed Costs

Solicitors Fixed costs on commencement of a claim for the recovery of money or goods for one defendant:

  • If the value of the claim exceeds £25 but does not exceed £500 - £50           
  • If the value of the claim exceeds £500 but does not exceed £1,000 - £70
  • If the value of the claim exceeds £1,000 but does not exceed £5,000; or
  • If the only claim is for delivery of goods and no value is specified or stated on the claim form - £80
  • If the value of the claim exceeds £5,000 - £100
  • Costs on entry of judgment in a claim for the recovery of money or goods
    • Where the amount of the judgment exceeds £25 but does not exceed £5,000 - £22.00
    • Where the amount of the judgment exceeds £5,000 - £30.00

Fixed Enforcement costs

  • On attendance to question a judgment debtor - £15.00 for each half hour or part.
  • On the making of a final third party debt order  - If the amount recovered is less than £150 one then the cost is half of the amount recovered otherwise  - £98.50
  • On the making of a final charging order - £110.00. The court may also allow reasonable disbursements in respect of search fees and the registration of the order.
  • Where a writ of control is issued against any party - £51.75
  • Where a writ of execution is issued against any party - £51.75
  • Where an application for an attachment of earnings order is made  - £110 (these are not standard but will be claimed and usually Ordered)

What is Not Included

If your case is defended then we will charge on a hourly rate ranging from £125 to £300 per hour.  This will depend on the complexities of the matter and the experience of the fee earner who deals with your matter.

In addition, the fees will be charged on a staged fixed basis. This means that for every stage of the case, we will provide transparency of the cost of that stage. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances the staged fixed fee sum is the amount that you will be billed.  We will request payment of money on account to cover each stage.

We will provide you with an estimate of additional work if the matter becomes defended or if exceptional circumstances require additional work.  Nothing will be done without prior consultation with you and your acceptance of the charges.

How Long Will it Take?

We will give you an individual estimate of the Typical stages to a matter, and typical timescale of each stage.

  • Letter before action sent. No response within 30 days (if sent to a consumer under the pre-action debt protocol or 14 days if sent to a business)
  • No response then issue a claim
  • Notice of issue comes through in 2 days
  • Defendant is allowed 14 days to defend the proceeding
  • Judgment entered on 15th day
  • The Judgment Order is then obtained from the Court which takes 5 days
  • An Application is issued for the client’s chosen enforcement process which then take anything up to 6 to 12 weeks

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