At MW Solicitors our aim is to be an accessible and high quality legal services provider.  We recognise that the law is complicated and that you, our clients, have a great deal at stake. 

The best way to serve you is to make sure you are cared for by well trained professionals.  As such, we are happy to give the following assurances when it comes to our affordability, our prices, and the ways in which you can access our services:

  1. We will never incur fees or costs on your behalf or at your expense without your consultation and consent.

  2. We are proudly one of the largest Legal Aid providers in the country.  If you believe you qualify for Legal Aid, please let us know.

  3. We offer some services paid for using Legal Expense Insurance or “No-Win-No-Fee” agreements.  The availability and merits of these options will be unique to you, your case and your circumstances and will be evaluated and explained to you as necessary.

Much more detailed pricing information can be accessed via the links below.  You can Make an Enquiry With Us at any time, to learn about your legal position, our fees, or both without charge.

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