Gurch Kharay
Partner & Head of Private Wealth
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Atkins Hope

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English, Punjabi


I head up our Private Wealth Team which is part of our Private Client Division.  Having spent time working in Legal Practice, Financial Services, an Offshore Trust and Corporate Fiduciary and also as an in-house advisor at a Healthcare Business I have a unique blend of legal, financial, taxation and business experience. This makes me well placed to serve high net worth clients who have personal, financial and business interests both domestic and international with a view to structuring their assets and interests in the most efficient manner possible not only to mitigate tax liabilities but also to protect their wealth against other threats.

I use my varied wealth of experience and sound judgement skills to assist clients negotiate their positions, maximise opportunities, prevent disputes and mitigate risks.  My ethos is to offer clients a pragmatic approach and the prospect of a long standing trusted advisor relationship whereby they can confide in me and seek my honest and practical advice as to their next best move.

My practice covers:

  • Relocation - Tax planning for those coming to the U.K. Or leaving the U.K.

  • Wealth Structuring - Setting up, reviewing and restructuring of onshore and offshore entities such as trusts, companies and foundations from a legal, financial and taxation perspective.  Advising directors, trustees and beneficiaries as to their rights and obligations including making tax and other disclosures to the authorities. Helping clients decide on whether to take U.K. property out of existing structures (de-enveloping) and add other assets to various legal structures to preserve wealth in the most viable manner for future generations.

  • Property taxation – Advising on the different ways to acquire, hold or sell U.K. residential and commercial property.  Ongoing taxation of owing such property including registration under the non-resident landlord scheme, filing annual tax returns, dealing with ATED (Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings), Stamp Duty Land Tax, Capital Gains Tax (resident and non-resident), Income tax and Inheritance Tax. Where appropriate I can assist clients mitigate these taxes and deal with tax compliance. I am also able to advise clients on how to deal with other asset classes such as yachts, private jets, overseas property, collectibles, cash, business assets, private company shares, loans, patents and managed portfolios/funds.

  • Business Planning – Working closely with directors and shareholders and parties to joint venture arrangements to put in place sufficient succession planning instruments including business attorneyships, wills, shareholder agreements and gifting strategies to not only pass down wealth and ownership to the next generation but also introduce them into the business in the most appropriate manner.

  • Financial Products – Working with you and your existing wealth advisors to ensure that legal and tax strategies are in place to compliment your wealth strategies. This includes advising on asset holding structures such as offshore pensions, offshore life assurance contracts and onshore financial products such as SIPPs, EIS, SEIS, VCT and other private equity opportunities.

Awards, Accreditations & Memberships

  • A member of the Law Society

Recent Successes

  • Working under serious time constraints to assist clients with the transfer of U.K. residential property both by outright gifting and into Qualifying Non-U. K. Pensions in order to avoid potentially harmful disclosures to tax authorities in overseas territories.

  • Through a complex piece of tax advice I managed to save a property client over £30,000 in Stamp Duty land Tax on the sub-sale of the residential property. I managed to deliver my tax analysis within 48 hours thereby aiding the client with a tight deadline to complete the transaction.

  • Whilst I was in financial services I helped create and establish a client relationship management system which provided a new revenue stream to the business.

  • During my time within my client's healthcare business I helped implement numerous policies and procedures into the business, I advised on and implemented a revised legal structure and managed to help recover a significant amount of money which was owed to the business. In addition I made an overhaul of the staffing drain on the business thereby leading to increased profitability.

Work in the Community / Pro Bono Work

I regularly help and advise young entrepreneurs (without any charge) in relation to how they should establish and start running a business or turn a great idea into an actual business venture.

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