Amputation is the removal of the whole or part of a limb by trauma, medical illness, or surgery. Losing a limb is life changing  event and rehabilitation is crucial to making the best possible recovery. 

The MW team will work with you and those working for you to help achieve this; arranging a specialist Case Manager to help plan and implement a rehabilitation package which can incorporate your health, psychological, educational or occupational needs.   We will work with medical, prosthetic  and other experts to value your past and most importantly, future needs, such as privately funded prostheses,  personal and medical care, income, accommodation and transport.

Where possible we will secure interim payments to assist with day to day and rehabilitation needs throughout the course of the claim.

We Can Help

At MW, our mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone", including those who have had life changing amputation. 

The MW team is here to provide expert support and guidance in what will be difficult and challenging times and put you in touch with other organisations that can help such as Limbless Association and Douglas Bader Foundation.   Based on our wealth of experience we will  seek to achieve a financial result that makes a real difference to your long-term security.

If you would like to speak to a professional to discuss your case call us today on 0203 551 8500 or email us at


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