Since the introduction of the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 the legal landscape for commercial agents has changed dramatically. Subsequent interpretative case law has shifted it further in this evolving area of law.

At McMillan Williams, we act for principals and agents in commercial agency disputes.

Our lead expert on commercial agency law at McMillan Williams has litigated for more than ten years through the courts and settled out-of-court hundreds of commercial agency disputes. We also represent clients in mediations and arbitrations. 

We deal with all manner of disputes over commercial agency law concerning issues such as those relating to entitlements to commission, termination of contracts, compensation and indemnity lump sum payments, notice periods, retirement, the duties of principals and agents, the terms of agency agreements, breaches of contract, and variations of agreements.

In addition, our specialists provide lectures and seminars upon commercial agency law.

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