Henry Oghoetuoma
Henry Oghoetuoma
Partner & Head of Crime & Extradition

No matter what stage of proceedings, from Police Station to Crown Court, needing a criminal defence can be stressful for you and those around you. 

McMillan Williams is widely recognised as one of the leading firms of solicitors for having a formidable reputation in criminal defence work.

We have a reputation for providing clients with expertise and skilled advice in this area of law.  Our specialist Criminal Defence team can handle any or every stage of your case, any time of day.

Depending on the case, we can help you wherever you are in the country.  We are here to take the difficulty out of your situation and help you move on to your next opportunity in life.

We can represent you across a wide range of criminal charges including:

  • 24/7 service for suspects detained in police custody
  • Serious Violence, Murder, Sexual Offences, Rape, Terrorism
  • Offences Against Children
  • Domestic Violence, Harassment, Stalking, Malicious Communication, Animal Cruelty
  • Drug Offences, Conspiracies, Robbery, Burglary, Theft
  • Fraud, White Collar Crime, Benefit Fraud, Money Laundering
  • Offensive Weapons, Firearms, Arson

Actions against the Police and Civil Liberties

McMillan Williams is a leading specialist in bringing civil actions against the Police and protecting the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.

We represent individuals and representative bodies in matters concerning public and state bodies including the police, prosecution and detention authorities (including within the mental health care system) in safeguarding civil liberties and human rights, including:

Mental Health

Mental Health difficulties are often unrecognised and even more commonly misunderstood. Unfortunately this poor understanding can have serious consequences

Our specialist Mental Health team can help provide all the insight, support and expertise you need. We can help to make sure you are treated quickly, fairly and legally across a wide range of issues such as:

  • Mental Health Tribunals and Hospital Managers hearings
  • Mental Capacity Law issues
  • Deprivation of Liberty
  • Court of Protection Proceedings
  • Appeals to the Upper Tier Tribunal
  • Expertise in Advising and Assisting forensic patients detained in high secure units;
  • Community Treatment Order
  • Mental Health Tribunal
  • Displacement Proceedings in the County Court
  • Care Programme Approach (CPA meetings)


You have a right to legal advice while in a police station. It is best you use it. A call to McMillan Williams will secure clear and considered advice throughout the course of the police investigation and subsequent court proceedings. We frequently act in cases which are being investigated and prosecuted by agencies, included but not limited to the Crown Prosecution Services, Her Majesties Revenue and Customs, National Crime Agency, Department of Health, Local Authorities, the Post Office.

We offer a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week service for suspects detained in police custody. Our skilled and experienced criminal law solicitors will be able to advise you on the telephone, or in person, day or night, regarding your rights and the best way to respond to police questioning in an interview.

MW can represent you at the Police Station in the event you are arrested, regardless of circumstances.

We can come to you any time of the day, any day of the year, and it is always absolutely free of charge.

McMillan Williams has substantial experience of acting for people who have had problems with the police, prison service and private bailiffs

These cases can be particularly stressful, given the opposition, and we aim to help move you through your issue with the minimum amount of stress so you can focus on what's ahead rather than what's behind.

For a free initial assessment of whether you might have a valid claim, send us the details, get in touch

As a professional, being accused of fraud or dishonesty is a devastating blow. We understand that and we can help

At McMillan Williams we have a wealth of experience of helping people accused of fraud and serious offences of dishonesty. You can be assured that we will be with you from start to finish; advising, guiding and representing you at every stage with the utmost skill and discretion.

Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel
Partner & Head of Extradition and Deputy Head of Crime

You are legally and lawfully living in the UK and are being required to leave the country to face trial or serve a prison sentence

Extradition is the process by which those wanted to stand trial or serve a prison sentence abroad are sought.

The procedure was radically revised by the Extradition Act 2003, which sought to streamline the process within the E.U. by the introduction of the controversial European Arrest Warrant. 

As a result of this and the increasingly international nature of many criminal investigations, the number of extradition requests has dramatically increased.  We are specialists in the law and procedure of extradition and have been involved in many ground-breaking legal challenges to requests emanating from all over the world.

We Can Help

We recognise that being the subject of an extradition request can be incredibly traumatic for clients and their families.  It is therefore essential to have expert representation from the outset.  MW's specialist extradition team are expert in fighting any type of extradition based on technical, procedural and, in particular, human rights grounds.  No matter which country is attempting to extradite you, your best chance lies with a specialist team in your corner.

With McMillan Williams you can rest assured that you will receive specialist advice and representation of the very highest quality.  Call us today on 020 3551 8500 or email us at enquiries@mwsolicitors.co.uk

Mental Health difficulties are often unrecognised and even more commonly misunderstood.  Unfortunately this poor understanding can have serious consequences

Our specialist Mental Health team can help provide all the insight, support and expertise you need to make sure your issue is treated quickly, fairly and legally.

24 Hour Helpline

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