Disputes can arise for all sorts of reasons and sometimes this involves the matter being heard in Court.

Bellamy Forde
Bellamy Forde
Partner & Head of Civil & Commercial Litigation

At MW Solicitors we understand that this can be a very stressfull and intimidating experience. Our expert Civil Litigators are here to help you navigate the legal system and make sure that you receive the best advice so that you can resolve any dispute or claim as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Actions against the Police and Civil liberties

McMillan Williams is a leading specialist in bringing civil actions against the Police and protecting the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.

We represent individuals and representative bodies in matters concerning public and state bodies including the police, prosecution and detention authorities (including within the mental health care system) in safeguarding civil liberties and human rights, including:


Contentious Probate (Contesting a Will)

We specialise in Inheritance Disputes and understand how distressing it can be to pursue a claim when you have lost a loved one and are in dispute with your surviving family members. We will fight your corner in a sympathetic and caring manner.

We offer an entirely FREE CASE REVIEW where we will discuss your specific circumstances as well as your options going forward including ways in which your case could be funded, such as through a No Win No Fee Agreement.

General Litigation

When you are involved in a dispute it can be a stressful and expensive process.  Our expert civil litigators are here to provide pragmatic and cost effective solutions to end your dispute quickly.

We advise and act for individuals and organisations including charities, clubs and businesses across a range of disputes including:


Professional Negligence

If you put your trust in a professional and they let you down, it can cause great upset, suffering and financial hardship to you and your family.

At MW we can help you to find out where you stand legally and what actions you can take to quickly right a case of Professional Negligence.  Our solicitors undertake work against professional bodies including:

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