Philip Scarles
Philip Scarles
Solicitor - Health & Injury

Philip Scarles has over 30 years experience conducting personal injury and fatal accident cases, including many motorcycling cases. His motorcycling cases have included claims against car drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, highway authorities and component failure.

Many of his motorcycling cases have involved issues on liability and contributory negligence, including issues such as speed, overtaking, filtering, helmets, and defective roads. He has also acted in defective component, or product liability, motorcycling cases. He has worked with many of the leading accident investigation experts, expert engineers and highways experts in these cases.

Motorcycling cases that Philip has settled include:

  • B v R: His client was a 16 year old scooter rider in collision a van which cut across his path.  He suffered serious physical and psychological injuries. A settlement was secured for £2.05 million + £50,000 periodical payments a year.

  • S v S: His client was motorcycling when a motorcyclist in front lost control of her bike resulting in a collision. The client suffered lower limb injuries and was unable to continue working as a facilities manager. A settlement was secured for £555,000.

  • V v M: His client was motorcycling and in collision with a car when his helmet came off. He suffered a severe brain injury and orthopaedic injuries and his career as a headmaster was compromised. A settlement was secured for £370,000.

  • S v R: His IT professional client was motorcycling when he collided with a car. He sustained orthopaedic injuries and had residual impairments from a partial brachial plexus injury and fractures to his left lower limb. A settlement was secured for £200,000.

  • B v F. His client was motorcycling when he was in collision with a car. Pre accident the Client was about to embark on training to become a paramedic. He suffered a serious pelvic fracture and was unable to pursue a paramedic career. His claims included loss of earnings and pension. A settlement was secured for £100,000.

  • S v T. A  Fatal Accident Act claim for the surviving wife and two children of the husband and father who had died when he was motorcycling and in collision with a car. A settlement was secured for £177,000.

  • D v M. A Fatal Accident Act claim for the surviving partner, a child from deceased’s former marriage, a child from partner’s former marriage and a child of the deceased and partner, following the death of their partner and father when he was motorcycling and in collision with a car. A settlement was secured for £220,000 with specified sums for the infant dependants.

  • D v T: His motorcyclist client collided with a pedestrian who had walked out into the road. The pedestrian died and had no insurances to meet any personal injury claim, but a successful claim was made against the client’s home insurance policy under the “reverse indemnity” clause.

Philip writes a regular article for South East Biker magazine on personal injury law relevant to motorcyclists -

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