London Legal Walk

MW Solicitors are proud to announce that for the sixth year in a row we will be demonstrating our support for Legal Aid Charities by walking the London Legal Walk.

Keeley Lengthorn
Keeley Lengthorn
Solicitor - Family & Child Law

Staff from every one of our network of Our Offices will be helping to raise money by donating and walking the walk to support the vital work we see every day carried out by Legal Aid Support Charities throughout the London Region.

Family Solicitor and MW Legal Walk Organiser Keeley Lengthorn said:

"During a time when access to justice is being hindered, the Legal Walk is a real testament and example of the legal professions continued commitment to providing access to Justice to all and is a stellar example of how legal professionals from all areas of law can come together for one afternoon of the year to raise much needed funds for this great cause. Last year saw 12,000 people walk and £800,000 raised. Lets make this years walk bigger and better than ever!"

Dominic Harrison
Dominic Harrison
Chief Executive Officer

MW CEO Dominic Harrison said:

“The London Legal Walk is a great opportunity for us to give back to those often unsung heroes who make it possible for us to provide much needed Legal Aid funded advice to some of the most vulnerable clients who are at the heart of Our Mission; To make quality legal services accessible to everyone”.

London Legal Walk 2016

We are pleased and proud to announce that we will resume our place on the Metro Bank lending and securities panel. 

As an original member we are excited to see nine new entrants, clearly reflective of Metro Bank’s great success in this area.  The quality of the firms who have joined the panel speaks for itself, including CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang, Charles Russell Speechlys, Bates Wells Braithwaite, DMH Stallard, Gateley, Seddons, Abrahams Dresden, Birketts and Woodfine. 

MW has worked with and been a customer of Metro Bank since its early days, and we applaud their customer centric and innovative approach to retail and commercial banking.  MW and Metro Bank operate out of many similar locations, and our respective growth stories overlap in geographic, strategic and operational terms.  We look forward to continuing our work with Metro Bank, alongside old and new panel members, deepening our relationship with them and the clients we jointly service.

MW conducts lending, securities and other company-commercial work from our London Bridge and other offices. 

Call us today on 0203 551 8500 or email us at to see if we are the right fit for you and your business. 

On 4th November, some of McMillan Williams’ Solicitors Trainees and Paralegals attended the Guildford Lions Fireworks Fiesta to raise money in aid of three charities; Challengers, Headway Surrey & The Guildford Welfare Fund.

Volunteers were selling torches on Guildford High Street, just a few minutes walk from our new office, MW Guildford.

MW Staff Raise Money for Guildford Lions Club

Pictured above (Left to Rght) are MW Trainees and Paralegals Stephanie Clark, Ryan Stewart, Danielle Nuttall, Sarah Henson and Fiona Owuru who braved a cold blustery night in Guildford High Street.

About Guildford Lions

Guildford Lions Club are a charitable organisation which hold numerous fundraising events throughout the year and for a various number of worthy causes. They are part of the wider Lions Club International, the largest service club organisation in the world who live by their motto ‘We serve’.

Their evening consisted of a torchlight procession led by the Nautical Training Corp (NTC) TS Implacable, and hosted by Peter Gordon from Eagle Radio, from the High Street, past our new office and towards Stoke Park where the fireworks finale took place. McMillan Williams were supporting the Lions with collection buckets. 

It was wonderful to meet the volunteers at Guildford Lions, of whom we are very thankful for, for making us feel so welcome on what turned out to be a wonderful evening filled with community spirit!

We were thrilled to learn that the event raised a huge £15,000 although the final figure is yet to be confirmed.

We Can Help

At MW Solicitors, our mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone.", Our dedicated and expert Solicitors can advise across a full range of legal issues.

Call us today on 020 3551 8500 or email us at


On the 4th October MW Solicitors reached another milestone in our history opening the 27th office in our network.

MW Eastbourne

Meet The Team

Anne-Marie Smith (Licensed Conveyancer)

Anne-Marie Smith
Anne-Marie Smith
Licensed Conveyancer - Head of Property Law Division – Eastbourne

With over 10 years experience in Residential Property, Anne-Marie provides clients with a personal service and ensures that they feel supported throughout the conveyancing process without bombarding them with legalese. 

Her experience runs the full gamut of transactions from multi-million pound properties to lock up garages.  All of her clients get the same high quality service with high availability, timely responses and top quality communications which put you at ease and ensure you have an expectation exceeding customer journey.  Anne-Marie can assist with:

  • Freehold/leasehold sales and purchase
  • Transfers of equity
  • Remortgages
  • Lease extensions

Emily Reed (Property Law Executive)

Emily Reed
Emily Reed
Executive - Property Law

Emily has 17 years experience in the legal sector, the last 15 of which have been spent in Residential Property. 

She takes pride in providing a high quality service, her attention to communication with clients, estate agents and lawyers enables the transactions she manages to proceed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Emily has strong local connections to the Eastbourne area and is well regarded by many of the local Estate Agents whom she has dealt with for many years.

Emily can assist with all aspects of Residential Property conveyancing including:

  • freehold and leasehold sales and purchases,
  • re-mortgages
  • transfer of equity

Barbara Macdonald (Partner and Solicitor Family and Child Law)

Barbara Macdonald
Barbara Macdonald
Partner - Family & Child Law

A qualified Family Lawyer since 2005, Barbara's practice focusses primarily on Care Proceedings, representing children directly or through their Guardians and for parents and grandparents.   She is often instructed by Guardians in private law proceedings where the child requires separate representation.

Barabara is acutely aware that many parents who find themselves caught up in care proceedings come from very difficult backgrounds and lack the support of a loving family.  At MW our lawyers understand and snsure that the person representing your legal interests, or the legal interests of your child, is sensitive to those human issues.

Barbara is also:

About MW Solicitors

Founded in 1983, MW Solicitors is a multi-branch, multi-disciplinary, consumer led high street law firm with 400+ employees and 28 Offices located across London and the South of England.

We are one of the fastest growing law firms in the country in employee numbers, office locations and services provided.  We are an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and private equity funded by Business Growth Fund (BGF)

Our Mission

To make quality legal services accessible to everyone."

Our Vision

  • We aspire to have more specialist solicitors in more areas of law in more offices on more high streets speaking more languages and accessible in more ways than any other firm in the country.

  • We believe the support of the law should be life-long and that our clients should feel they and their families are cared for across generations.
  • We believe you should be able to deal with real people, close to you, who know you.

  • We strive at all times to offer an accessible, affordable, personal service.

At MW Solicitors we are serious about how we train our Paralegals and Trainees and we are rightly proud of our Training and Development Programme which is crucial to MW's promise to make the best advocates available to clients not just now but for years to come.

What is the Advocacy Competition?

Put simply the MW Advocacy Competition is an annual event which pits Paralegals and Trainees against each other in mock court room trials.  Our junior legal staff gain practical experience and learn vital skills for their future as MW Solicitors.  During the course of several hotly contested rounds they examine their briefs in close detail, construct their arguments and present their case as either the counsel for the defence or prosecution in front of real judges.

Unique Among Law Firms

The Advocacy Competion is a unique feature of the MW Training and Development Programme which attracts prospective candidates to MW from Universities and Law Schools all over the country.  We have made a video to give  a taste of what it is like to compete as an MW advocate and what a career as an MW Paralegal or Trainee might entail.  

Part 1

Part 2

Advocacy Competition Final 2017

This year's Final Round takes place at the Royal Courts of Justice on the 13th of September 2017 and promises to be another exciting event eagerly anticipated by everyone at MW.  If you are interested in a career at MW Solicitors, visit our Vacancies Page follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin to get the latest news about recruitment opportunities.

On the 20th May 2017 I took part in the first International Disabled World Cup motorcycle race at the famous Le Mans Circuit in France.

This historic event was an official support race at the HJC sponsored French round of the MotoGP series. As one of the two British racers invited to attend the event, I was excited and honoured to be representing Great Britain in the 600cc category.

Bridgestone Le Mans Grid PhotoPre-race reparation did not go entirely to plan as two weeks before the race, whilst demonstrating at the Donnington Endurance Legends event, I suffered a jammed throttle and went over the front of the bike, spearing myself head first into the gravel. Whilst I wasn’t too badly injured, the bike needed a new fairing and an investigation into why the throttle stayed wide open. After eight frantic days I was heading into the Channel tunnel with a repaired, but untested, race bike on my way to France.

Team Talan MotorsportArriving at Le Mans, the International Bridgestone Handy Race paddock was found to be some distance away from the actual main paddock and pit lane, just outside of the actual Bugatti Circuit and along the 24Hour circuit. Surrounding us were campsites filled with bikes being bounced off the rev limiters non stop. Never before have I seen such a fanatical bunch of petrol heads incessantly feeding engines with fuel and listening to their exhausts bark a cacophony like an orchestra.

Whilst waiting in the transport to get to the track for Practice and Qualifying, we were treated to a thunder and lightening storm that brought hail down so hard the current session was red flagged.

The circuit became wet, really really wet. Our practice began in light rain and that got gradually heavier throughout. Everyone was cautious to begin with, but soon found that the newly surfaced track was giving amazing levels of grip. Having a new fairing changed my sitting position as the race tail piece with hard foam seat covering sat me considerably higher than being on the standard seat piece. The new position put a lot of strain on my wrists, not so much of a problem in the wet as I wasn’t braking hard, but it would be an issue in the dry.

#83 Talan Skeels-Piggins on trackIn our qualifying we were red flagged half way through, the thunderstorm once again brought hail and standing water. Once it was safe we headed back out to finish the session. I was lucky enough to know the Data Engineer from the Mistral Moto2 team, so I was parked outside the garage which offered a bit of shelter.  One of the rider’s dads popped out to offer his thoughts…

Mr Wayne Gardner (1987 500cc World Champion) simply thought we were all mad! At the end of qualifying I was 7th out of 30. A decent position to be in considering my top speed was between 10-20kmh slower than all the other top nine racers.

Later that evening my team and I were able to go back and visit the Mistral Moto2 garage to have about 30 minutes chatting with Wayne, get a good look at the Moto2 bikes, tour around the Tech3 MotoGP garage and finished off by meeting with their rider Karel Abraham. Karel was interested to hear about the racing as well as The Bike Experience (a charity I founded to teach disabled people how to ride motorcycles). It was great to see the interest from all the racers, and ex racers, in what we were doing.

Saturday brought sunshine, clear skies and a crowd of thousands of race fans. The start was a ‘Le Mans’ style grid line up, followed by two lap formation behind a safety car, then eight laps for the chequered flag. In pairs we lined up behind the safety car and I set about warming up my tyres. I was on brand new Bridgestone R10s that were stone cold due to a mechanical failure of the generator. Initially the under-pressure tyres caused me to bounce around and slip under braking.

After the first lap they were beginning to get some heat and the bike began to turn as I expected. At the end of Lap 2 the safety car pulled in, we rolled down towards the start line, all waiting for the Tricolore flag to be waved. The noise of the crowd went through my helmet, my ear plugs and into my very core, it was intense and massively addictive. The flag dropped and we were racing.

As expected, the 1 litre bikes came shooting up past me and the ones in front pulled away. I was cautious with the cold tyres and didn't want to get involved in any fairing bashing at the first chicane. Through the chicane and down to Chapelle the group was slightly spread out, and by the time we went into Garage Vert for the first time, there was a bit of order about the race.

I was gapped by the faster bikes on each straight and was forced into some very late braking in order to catch up. After the third time of locking the front on the brakes I decided it wasn’t going to be safe to continue this style of riding for the race. I went back to what I knew best, smooth riding. The seating position proved to be a problem for me. With a very dry and grippy surface I was able to brake hard, but that meant my backside started lifting from the seat and bouncing me off the centre line of the bike. I do not have stomach muscles, and so the act of trying to straighten myself up on the bike means lots of pulling and pushing on the bars whilst dragging my tummy onto the tank. As a result I cannot simply focus on going fast, as I can’t be sat on the ‘upside’ of the seat in a corner at pace. Nevertheless I enjoyed a decent battle with two litre bikes and another 600.

The chequered flag came earlier than I had expected, as I didn’t see the last lap flag waved to us. Suddenly it was all over, the marshals lined the circuit, the crowds waved and cheered, we all gave thumbs up to the other racers and waved back to the spectators. I was ninth overall from thirty starters. The position translated to fourth in all of the 600s (twenty of us) and second place in the 600cc paralysed class. A very respectable finishing position and one I and be proud of. The victory in my class went to fellow British rider Michael Reynolds, and congratulations go to him.

There were so many memories to treasure: being part of a MotoGP event, getting invitations into Moto2 and MotoGP garages, meeting the racers you see on TV, wheeling out onto the start/finish straight and hearing the cheer of five thousand people. The most important part was that we, the disabled racers, got to show the world that anything is still possible.

My thanks go to you; my sponsors, my supporters, my friends, my family, my fellow racers.

Talan Skeels-Piggins

We Can Help

MW Solicitors are proud to have sponsored Talan Motorsport Racing since 2014 and continue to support the spinal cord injury community by working closely with organisations such as the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) and the Back Up Trust.  Our specialist Personal Injury Solicitors are experts in getting clients the help they need to rebuild their lives after Spinal Injury trauma.

If you would like to speak to a specialist to discuss your case call us today on 0203 551 8500 or email us at

Estate & Trust Disputes Team

MW are very proud to announce the arrival of Wendy Rixon to the Estate & Trust Dispute Team.

Wendy has many years of experience in all aspects of contentious probate work including challenging the validity of wills (on grounds of mental capacity, undue influence or otherwise), claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 and TOLATA (Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act) claims.

Wendy is also a member of the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists (CTAPS), a further recognition of her expertise in this often complex and specialist field

Examples of Wendy’s successes in the past have included an Estate worth £1.2 million, comprising a farm, and her successfully recovering 60% of the Estate, plus costs, for a spouse who had not been provided with reasonable financial provision from her husband’s Estate. She has even acted for a claimant alleging a Will had been forged (a difficult ground to succeed upon) and succeeded in overturning the Will at trial on that basis (leaving an earlier Will to be admitted to probate under which the claimant received 50% of the Estate).

On joining MW Wendy says

“I am excited to join MW’s Estate & Trust Dispute Team. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and continuing to help those vulnerable clients who feel they may need a helping hand to rectify those injustices often arising on a loved one’s death”

Wendy joins MW’s rapidly expanding Estate & Trust Dispute Team which is headed up by Hayley Bundey in our Devon office. Working with her in Devon is Hayley Prideaux as well as Sharon Bell who is based in our Sevenoaks office. With further new starters due to join in the coming months the team is continuing to grow to meet the demands of their rapidly expanding client base and are ready and able to help callers with any queries they may have about their Estate or Trust Dispute.

We Can Help

At McMillan Williams, our mission is "to make quality legal services accessible to everyone" and our Specialist Estate & Trust Dispute Team can advise you on all aspects of Inheritance Claims and  Estate and Trust Disputes (including TOLATA – Trusts of Property - claims).

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know if you would have a claim against an Estate or in relation to a Trust or Property then our Specialist Estate & Trust Dispute Team can guide you through the process step by step and as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you would like to take advantage of our FREE CASE REVIEW, call us today on 020 3551 8500 or email us at

Millenium Bridge

McMillan Williams Solicitors Limited are excited to announce that it has incorporated South London High Street Law Firm Ormerods with effect from 3rd October 2016. 

McMillan Williams CEO Colum Smith

“At McMillan Williams our mission is to “To make quality legal services accessible to everyone” and this acquisition further extends our capability and presence on the high street.
We welcome the Ormerods team into the MW Family who will complement our already strong team of specialist solicitors helping our clients to achieve pragmatic and affordable justice across all areas of consumer and commercial law.”

Ormerods Managing Partner Simon Cook

“We are looking forward to bringing our historic legal expertise to McMillan Williams.  Their reputation as a modern and forward thinking law firm combined with their extensive infrastructure will enable us to continue to provide excellent service to both existing and new clients alike.”

About McMillan Williams

McMillan Williams Solicitors Limited is a high street law practice with 24 offices across London, The South of England and Devon. Providing pragmatic legal solutions across a full range of consumer and commercial legal disciplines for over 30 years, MW employs over 200 Solicitors and Legal Executives with an annual turnover of £30M.

Note to Ormerods Clients

Ormerods Solicitors continues to trade but cannot undertake reserved legal activity and is not insured to do so.  Any complaint or undertaking you have from Ormerods should be sent to Ormerods at their continuing service address 45 Friends Road, Croydon, CR0 1ED

MW Solicitors Official Solicitors of Brighton & Hove Pride

On Saturday 6th August, the staff at MW Solicitors will join with 180,000 others in celebrating Brighton & Hove Pride.  We will march in solidarity and community fellowship in the Pride Parade which this year takes on an added significance, in commemorating the tragic loss of life at the Orlando bar shooting that took the lives of 49 innocent people and severely injured many more.

Challenging Attitudes

The Pride Parade has its roots in challenging social injustice, a march of protest, a march of solidarity and an annual demonstration of the determination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer members of society who would not allow themselves to live in fear or suffer oppression.  The tragedy of the recent Orlando terrorist act is that it highlights that persecution and intolerant attitudes still exist and still need to be challenged.

Celebrating Diversity and Uniting Nations

So whilst the Pride Parade and the Festival in the Park, both of which we are taking part in, is rightly a celebration of LBGTQ life, it is also a reminder that there is still much work to do in this country and in many other countries in achieving equality and access to Justice for Everyone! 

This year we will be taking to the streets of Brighton in our open top Pride Parade Bus and we will have a stand in the community section of Preston Park, we have over 70 Volunteers already which is superb, We encourage you all to turn out, support Pride and wave us all on!

McMillan Williams are pleased to announce the following promotions with effect from 1st May 2016:      


Anton Osborne
Anton Osborne

Deputy Head of Legal Services

Anton has been promoted from Divisional Partner to Deputy Head of Legal Services joining David Hall in supporting Neil Perot with the running of the legal professional services arm of MWSL.

All 3 of the team have been at MW for many years, however Anton is the second Senior Member of the business (along with the CEO) to have trained at the firm.

We are immensely proud that Anton has achieved the promotion to this level in a record breaking short time.

Anton is responsible for all property related areas in the business in addition to assisting the CEO's Department containing the Legal Services Management Team.


Mark Stubberfield
Mark Stubberfield

Regional Partner for the Kent Region, Private Client, Sevenoaks


Neil Hayes
Neil Hayes

Property, Brighton

Nadine Shouler
Nadine Shouler

Property, Reigate

Vanessa Wake
Vanessa Wake

Property, Hove

Julia Stygal
Julia Stygal

Property, Wallington

John-Paul MacNamara

Crime, New Addington

Hayley Bundey
Hayley Bundey

Contested Probate, Devon

Sharon Leanne Bell
Sharon Leanne Bell

Contested Probate, Sevenoaks

Justina Molloy

Personal Injury, London Bridge

Shimmee Wong
Shimmee Wong

Property, Guildford


Special Mention

A special mention to Neil Hayes who becomes the first person in MW history to be appointed to partner status having obtained his subject matter expertise purely from experience as opposed to having followed a more traditional academic pathway.  We are especially proud of the fact that our ABS status opens up opportunities such as these, which enable us to reward hard work, commitment, skill and expertise that is not necessarily founded on a formal legal training/qualification.

Partners at MW Solicitors

We use the word "Partner" to refer to the most senior individuals of McMillan Williams Solicitors Limited and its use in connection with the business of McMillan Williams Solicitors Limited should not be construed as an indication that any individual carries on business in Partnership with any other individual within the meaning of the Partnership Act 1890 or is personally liable to you or any other party for any acts or omissions.

Individuals named as Partners owe no personal obligations to you in either contract or tort.

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