Our specialist injury lawyer Joanna Bailey returns as a guest lecturer for the Kent Police Family Liaison Officer (FLO) Professional Development Day.  

Joanna Bailey
Joanna Bailey
Partner - Head of Personal Injury

The event aims to support those officers’ who volunteer to assist seriously injured and beavered members’ of the public following an accident.  

Joanna has attended and spoken at this event since 2008.  This year's focus will relate to the specifics of personal injury claims, namely: 

  • What must be proven in order to bring a claim
  • What can be claimed
  • How blame can be apportioned between two or more parties to the accident

The lecture also includes a case study based in Kent, where a McMillan Williams client’s claim was valued at over £450,000 when a previous firm had valued the claim at only £30,000.  Clearly demonstrating how getting the right advice is paramount to the successful resolution of a claim.

The day will see lectures on a number of subjects including one focusing on the Shoreham Air Crash in August 2015 when 11 people were tragically killed and 16 injured.  The incident required a number of deployments by Kent Family Liasion Officers to local families.  The lecture will also hear from members of their Human Resources team who have to handle the traumatic effects on staff mental health when attending incidents in such demanding circumstances. 


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