The scandal of Weekend NHS cover was exposed today in a Sunday Times article*.

McMillian Williams is one of the country's leading legal medical negligence firms and, in a response to the article,  our CEO Colum Smith said:

"We regularly encounter medical negligence claims where there has been inadequate cover at weekends.

"In one serious case, where time urgent treatment was needed, a junior doctor tried to contact a consultant at the weekend to discover he could not come in because he was away riding horses in Spain. The patients condition became critical due to the delay.

"It was not the consultant's fault because he was not on call, but an organisation like the NHS in the 21st Century should and indeed must be able to provide proper safe professional cover for patients at weekends and bank holidays. Sickness does not recognise weekends or holidays. Failing to radically address this issue would be a mistake that can affect each and every one of us."

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