The Clinical Negligence team at McMillan Williams Solicitors Limited acted for a woman who has been awarded damages of £1.1 million after complications from vaginal mesh surgery performed by Miss Jayne Cockburn, Consultant Gynaecologist, at Frimley Park Hospital in July 2010. She has been left with severe and life changing complications due to unnecessary surgery.

Andrew Bentham
Andrew Bentham
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Following surgery, our client experienced mesh related complications and underwent mesh revision surgery in October 2010.  Unfortunately, after this operation our client reported severe groin and vaginal pain.  Miss Cockburn examined the client and recommended further surgery for mesh removal.  In February 2011 our client received a letter from Frimley Park Hospital, stating that Miss Cockburn would be unable to perform the planned surgery and her care was transferred to an alternative Consultant Gynaecologist. Following a review her treatment plan was changed and in May 2011 and July 2013 our client underwent further surgery in an attempt to resolve her condition.  Sadly, these operations were unsuccessful and our client has been left with severe and life changing complications as a result of the unnecessary and extensive surgery performed by Miss Cockburn. 

Miss Jayne Cockburn

Miss Cockburn practiced as a Consultant Gynaecologist at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey until she was suspended in 2011 and resigned from the Trust in December 2014. During 2014 Frimley Park Hospital carried out a review of Miss Cockburn’s cases and wrote to over 100 patients offering them the opportunity to be seen by an alternative Consultant Gynaecologist and to have their care reviewed.

As a result, a significant number of Miss Cockburn’s patients were found to have undergone extensive and unnecessary surgery, with conservative management options, such as physiotherapy, not being considered. It was also noted that Miss Cockburn had often failed to obtain the patient’s informed consent for the procedures performed.

General Medical Council Investigation

The General Medical Council investigated the treatment provided by Miss Cockburn. It is understood that, following their investigation, Miss Cockburn has been allowed to return to work, and is currently practicing in the South East but with 16 undertakings on her registration.

Mr Andrew Bentham, from McMillan Williams Solicitors in Fulham said of the settlement:

“We are pleased to achieve this £1.1 million settlement for our client, however no amount of money can compensate for the severe and life changing complications she has experienced due to the unnecessary surgery performed by Miss Cockburn.  The care that our client received at Frimley Park Hospital was completely unacceptable.  As a result, our client has suffered ongoing loss of sexual function, ongoing bowel and bladder incontinence, nerve damage and chronic pain in the vagina, pelvis and back. She has also been diagnosed with a persistent depressive episode and is at risk of further mesh erosion in the future.  The compensation obtained will be used to provide our client with the care and assistance she desperately needs, and to enrol her on a pain management programme which we hope will provide her with some respite from the pain”.

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