Why you should insure your lawnmower and maybe your scooter.

Ian Iliopoulos
Ian Iliopoulos
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Do I need motor insurance for my lawnmower?

Under UK law (the Road Traffic Act 1988), motor vehicle owners are required to have proper insurance in place to cover the risk of damaging property or causing personal injuries to other people. UK law currently states that motor vehicles are cars, motorbikes, vans, buses, trucks etc. and that they need only be insured on public roads.

However, the UK is also subject to EU law and the rules there have changed in the last few years.

What does EU law say?

Under EU law the definition of a “vehicle” is much broader than it is in the UK. Under European Law known as the Motor Insurance Directive, a vehicle is “any motor vehicle intended for travel on land and propelled by mechanical power, but not running on rails, and any trailer, whether or not coupled”. This is a very wide definition and it is not clear what it covers.

In the past few years, there have been judgments made in the European Courts which have tried to narrow down which vehicles need motor insurance and which do not. As a result, the Motor Insurance Directive has been updated to include a new definition of “vehicle use”: any vehicle that can be used in traffic on public or private land regardless of the characteristics of that vehicle.

What vehicles need insurance?

All motor vehicles will need insurance if they are able to be driven on public or private land. This includes cars, motorbikes, trucks, vans, mopeds, tractors, ride-on lawnmowers, golf carts etc.

(Some exceptions to this law are likely to be smaller vehicles like electric bicycles or segways as they are thought to be less likely to cause serious harm to others in an accident)

Therefore, if you have a vehicle that you do not drive, it must be insured unless you officially register it as being off road. 

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