A man who developed post traumatic stress disorder and recurrent depressive disorder whilst working for a government agency has recovered £150,000 in an out of court settlement.

Philip Scarles
Philip Scarles
Solicitor - Health & Injury

MW Solicitors Philip Scarles, a serious injury and stress at work specialist, said that the former local environment officer’s psychiatric injuries meant that he was unlikely to be able to return to work.He explained:

“My client, a local enforcement officer, was asked by his employers to take over the investigation and prosecution of two individuals who were well known criminals with violent propensities. This was despite the agency having specialist teams to conduct cases involving violent offenders and organised crime, and who had special measures to protect them. My client has no such protection, and as a result, he and his family were harassed and intimidated by hardened criminals.

The client attended occupational health professionals engaged by the agency but the agency failed to follow their advice and recommendations” said Philip. “They also refused his requests to move home or relocate his work.”

Philip said that the government agency’s solicitors always denied liability. He also commented:

“I approached four barristers who all refused to take the case on a conditional fee basis, in view of the difficulty in establishing liability in stress at work cases. Had I ceased acting at that stage, the client would have recovered nothing. But I always believed that the client had a good case.”

Barrister Andrew Buchan of Cloisters Chambers accepted the case and, at a round table meeting, an out of court settlement was reached for the client.

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