Tragically, a prisoner died yesterday after being stabbed at HMP Wormwood Scrubs.

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This comes just under two months after the news reports that the prison was ‘dangerous and unsafe for both prisoners and officers’.

High Levels of Serious Violence

In August 2017 HM Inspectorate of Prisons undertook an inspection, which noted persistent problems that had not been addressed since they raised them in their 2014 inspection. The report further detailed that the prison had high levels of serious violence resulting in significant injuries. The surge in violence was thought in part to be down to understaffing.

The Ministry of Justice responded stating that the prison was recruiting additional staff in an attempt to "urgently" raise standards

Unsafe Institution

As a Civil liberties solicitor who represents both bereaved families and prisoners who have suffered serious assaults, I struggle to comprehend how as a society we can lock up, predominately vulnerable individuals, in an institution that is known to be unsafe, whilst appearing to do little to improve conditions. This contributes nothing to the rehabilitate process and puts lives at risk. One of my previous clients once said to me that she appreciated that her brother deserved to be in prison but that was his punishment, he didn’t deserve to die in there.

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