20 years ago the UK introduced the National Minimum Wage, now renamed the National Living Wage. Yesterday, saw the minimum wage increase for nearly two million workers with rises of up to 5.4%.

The increases are as follows:

 Age Category
(years old)
 Before April 2019
(£ per hour)
  April 2019
(£ per hour)
 16 - 17  4.20  4.35
 18 - 20  5.90  6.15
 21 – 24 7.38  7.70
 25 and over 7.83  8.21

Apprentice Rates

Apprentice’s rates have also seen an increase from £3.70 to a £3.90 an hour.  Whilst this is a welcomed increase for many workers, many argue that it still falls substantially short of the “real living wage” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47746093.

What Can I do if My Employer Doesn't Pay the Increased Rate of National Minimum Wage?

If Employers fall foul of the legislation and fail to pay their Workers the National Minimum Wage, the Workers shall be entitled to be paid the difference between the remuneration received and the remuneration which the Worker should have received.

HMRC also have powers to serve Enforcement Notices requiring the Employer to remunerate the Worker. If an Enforcement Notice is not complied with, financial penalties may also be issued under the National Minimum Wage Act 1998. The Workers may also seek to issue a claim against their Employer for the necessary remuneration from the Employment Tribunal accordingly.

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