Lesley Batrick
Consultant - Civil & Commercial Litigation
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In commercial litigation I have, together with Michael Turner, conducted many high profile fraud and asset dissipation cases over the years, as well as a myriad of professional negligence claims.

Most recently, in late 2015, Michael and I recovered £630,000 from a Defendant who had, in the months leading up to settlement, disposed of  his entire property and cash assets in an attempt to avoid his liabilities.  This involved obtaining world wide freezing injunctions, asset tracing on an international basis and working within a very tight timeframe which was only achievable through a team approach to the case.

I am also a recognised specialist and highly regarded serious and catastrophic injury lawyer, with a specialism in Neurotrauma, I have worked on some extremely high profile cases over the last 20 years.  Previously employed with niche Law Firm Alexander Harris, and for the last 10 years with the London Neurotrauma Team at Irwin Mitchell, before I joined McMillan Williams in 2012.

Dubbed the 'steel rose' by one barrister I worked with on a particularly difficult case.  I bring a dogged (steely) determination to the MW Injury team, to secure the best results often in difficult circumstances whilst maintaining real relationships with my clients.
I have worked on some of the Cannon Street rail crash cases, acted for 7/7 victims and innumerable survivors of brain injury all over the country. 

I count as one of my most successful cases that of a 15-year-old boy struck by a car as he cycled.  The case was written off as un-winnable by the client's original solicitor, by the ingenious use of speed camera imagery,  I established that the driver was 25% liable worth over £2.5 million in compensation.

Recent Successes


  • J v O – Working with Michael Turner, recovered £1.4m for a client whose share dividend payments had been systematically been stolen by the Defendant.  Civil search & seizure Order obtained as well as an Order freezing the Defendant’s assets.  Asset trace took Michael and I across the UK and discovered property and racehorses had been acquired.  Following an 8 day trial judgment was obtained and all monies and costs recovered.

  • J v A – working with Michael Turner, recovered £630,000 from defendant who, in the 6 months leading up to settlement of a claim (concluded by others) had divested himself of all freehold property owned in the UK and transferred substantial asset abroad to the middle east and who then left the jurisdiction.  In 6 weeks of intense work, world wide freezing injunctions obtained and Defendant forced back to the UK and ultimately all monies recovered.   The case demonstrates the vital importance of acting swiftly, to a plan and of teamwork in order to secure the best result achievable.

Personal Clients

  • D v L B Greenwich - Working with Michael turner, £3.2 million recovered for a young man injured at age 11 when a roofing ladle fell from the roof of his school as he walked by, causing a significant brain injury. requiring lifelong care and case management.

  • W v Phillips - Working with Michael Turner to recover £1million for client seriously injured in a snowmobiling accident in Canada (part of leisure activities organised by W as part of an international sales conference. Case involved cross-border international law and jurisdictional issues (resolved in W's favour).

  • C v (1) D and (2) MP - Working with Michael Turner, recovered just under £1/2 million for a client seriously injured when in Police custody having been arrested for allegedly being drunk and incapable and found unconscious on the steps of a London theatre. The police doctor certified Mike's client as "fit to detain" but instructed officers to maintain 15-minute neurological observations on him, which they allegedly failed to do. Case settled 4 weeks into a 6 week trial in the High Court.

  • Coles v Perfect – recovered £1.4m for client who was brain injured in a speedboat accident. Damages artificially limited by reason of the fact that the accident occurred in navigable waters and was thus governed by maritime law.  Case established the principle of Law that the High Court is vested with jurisdiction to approve a proposed settlement where experts are split whether a Claimant has capacity.  Thus a lengthy, unpleasant and unnecessary trial on capacity was avoided.

Other Interests

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my family, dog walking, and surfing in Cornwall and Portugal.

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