MW are very  proud of Vijaya Sumputh who has written an insightful article on same sex marriages in the Expert Guide Divorce Law 2014.

The article sits alongside articles written by well known and esteemed colleagues in the profession and finance practitioners. The piece is reflective of Vijaya's  analytic and practical approach to rapid changes in our legislation. Vijaya in her article scrutinises the question of potential challenges to the new legislation and her informative piece takes you through the recent Marriage Act 2013 and high lights important provisions as well as potential shortcomings in the legislation. This succinct commentary is an informative guide to the Marriage Act 2013 and will be invaluable to those practitioners who do not have the time to wade through the legislation. Vijaya states that she is delighted to be involved in an interesting area of practice which is continually evolving to reflect the needs of our modern society.

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