Elliott Dorman


Elliott Dorman



Degree Studied (Grade)

Law with Business

University Attended

Canterbury Christ Church University

LPC Establishment

University of Law

Languages Spoken



McMillan Williams offers a unique path to becoming a qualified solicitor. As a paralegal, I provide support to the Conveyancing team resulting in a great deal of exposure to a variety of clients and situations. Alongside this, I will be receiving top class training which will be immediately applied to all clients I provide work for.

Furthermore, McMillan Williams does not restrict its employees potential. The company offers an array of opportunities to all employees and the only factor stopping this progression is their own ability. I will have to opportunity to run my own cases and manage clients to become a key member of the McMillan Williams team.

The people working for McMillan Williams are hugely energetic and passionate with everyone they meet and work with. This really is the environment I want to work in and want to give all of my efforts to really help McMillan Williams reach their inspirational and high achieving goals for the next 5 years.

As a member of the Property Department in Tunbridge Wells, I hope to be able to apply and build upon my efforts made within the LPC and my MSc in Law, Business and Management. I hope to be involved in a wide range of cases to truly test my abilities to become the best legal professional I can be.

I hope to become a key member of the team I work within and want to be the person to turn to get specific tasks done.

I hope McMillan Willams helps me to identify what weaknesses I have and makes me face these and put me in uncomfortable situations to keep me forever active and engaged.

I hope McMillan Williams identifies my potential and lets me maximise it by progressing onto becoming a Trainee Solicitor to not only manage several of my own clients but the potential to have a paralegal working to assist my department so that I can pass on any advice and assistance I have gained throughout my time as a Paralegal.

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