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John Molleskog

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I am an experienced Criminal Defence Solicitor in our Westminster office with many years experience defending clients accused of a wide range of the most sensitive and complicated criminal matters including Murder, complex fraud including matters being investigated by the HMRC and serious sexual offences. 

I also have extensive experience helping clients resist both EU and Non EU extradition requests.

I pride myself on being a proactive and hard working litigator with a client focused approach and eye for the minute detail of cases.

I have Higher Rights of Audience which means that I can represent my clients through every stage  of the legal process.  I have been described as a passionate and hard hitting advocate.

Recent Successes

Criminal Defence

  • R v B - Murder a complex case where the Crown sought to prove that the defendants assault on the deceased had lead directly to his death some 7 years later.   Successfully argued that the defendant was not fit to stand trial.
  • R v D - Complex Blackmail case with four defendants and large amounts of evidence.   Defendants acquitted on day 4 of a 4 week trial after we successfully showed that the Police and CPS had failed to disclose evidence vital to the Defence.
  • R v P - Complex allegations based on expert evidence in case of causing or allowing serious injuries  to a child, the defendant was acquitted after we argued that she did not inflict the injuries or know of a risk of someone else inflicting them.
  • R v E - Rape allegation eventually dropped by the Crown after questions were raised about the reliability of the complainants evidence.  
  • R v T and others - Large scale fraud and money laundering trial.


  • R v Z - Extradition Request by Moldova, successfully resisted after arguments were raised about the right to a fair trial and the conditions in Moldovan Prisons.
  • R v K and others - Represented 3 of 5 people whose extradition was requested by Belgium.   Successfully resisted extradition after arguments were raised about prison conditions and whether a decision had been made to trial the clients.
  • R v G - Successfully argued that client could not be extradited to face indefinite detention in a Czech psychiatric unit.
  • R v P - Worked with Polish lawyers to successfully get a polish extradition warrant withdrawn.
  • R v C - Successfully resisted clients extradition to Romania on the grounds of unsatisfactory prison conditions.

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