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I have been a solicitor since 1982, formerly a partner in boutique medical law practice Alexander Harris and a part-time judge since 1992.  I am both a Recorder and a Deputy District Judge and I also train expert witnesses nationally.  I train and mentor young lawyers and in 2008, I qualified with the Academy of Experts, as a Mediator.

My practice centres on very complex and challenging commercial disputes (with particular emphasis on fraud and asset dissipation), clinical and professional negligence and personal injury cases.   With over 40 years experience, I specialise in acting for claimants in some of the most complex and challenging cases.   These include many years of undertaking catastrophic injury cases, particularly brain injury, in respect of which I have built a strong reputation and have appeared in many different jurisdictions around the world.

In the commercial context I have, together with Lesley Batrick, conducted many high profile fraud and asset dissipation cases over the years, as well as a myriad of professional negligence claims, professional Disciplinary and also Professional regulatory work.  Most recently, in late 2015, Lesley and I recovered £630,000 from a Defendant who had, in the months leading up to settlement, disposed of  his entire property and cash assets in an attempt to avoid his liabilities.  This involved obtaining world wide freezing injunctions, asset tracing on an international basis and working within a very tight timeframe which was only achievable through a team approach to the case.

What My Clients About Me

“An Excellent presentation style and engaging.”

“Very dynamic, informative, personable!”

“Highly competent. Very much on top of his subject matter. Lively and interesting.”~

“Very professional. Knowledgeable, interesting, funny.”

I am available for consultations with clients, and distance from a client is no bar and so I will happily travel anywhere to meet clients to discuss their cases.

Awards, Accreditations and Memberships

  • Listed in the 2013 Chambers Directory for clinical negligence specialist work
  • Listed in Legal 500 Directory
  • Former chairman of a Kent based head injury charity
  • Life member of Headway the brain injury association
  • Member of the Kent and Surrey Acquired Brain Injury Network
  • Member of the Acquired Brain Injury Forum in London.
  • Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Recent Successes

Commercial Clients

  • J v O – Working with Lesley Batrick, recovered £1.4m for a client whose share dividend payments had been systematically been stolen by the Defendant.  Civil search & seizure Order obtained as well as an Order freezing the Defendant’s assets.  Asset trace took Lesley Batrick and I across the UK and discovered property and racehorses had been acquired.  Following an 8 day trial judgment was obtained and all monies and costs recovered.

  • J v A – working with Lesley Batrick, recovered £630,000 from defendant who, in the 6 months leading up to settlement of a claim (concluded by others) had divested himself of all freehold property owned in the UK and transferred substantial asset abroad to the middle east and who then left the jurisdiction.  In 6 weeks of intense work, world wide freezing injunctions obtained and Defendant forced back to the UK and ultimately all monies recovered.   The case demonstrates the vital importance of acting swiftly, to a plan and of teamwork in order to secure the best result achievable.

  • Re: X (a Firm) – working with Nicola Manning and Greg Treverton-Jones QC to successfully appeal against the withdrawal of Conveyancing Quality Scheme accreditation for a Law Firm.

  • Re: R (a solicitor) – representing client in the SDT over 4 days following allegation that he and his partners had failed to act properly or expeditiously to close their Firm following failure of the firm to obtain professional indemnity insurance.  Established that the client had acted in such a way that his behaviour was commended by the Tribunal, he was able to remain in practice, and whilst he received a small financial penalty, he was only ordered to pay a small proportion of the SRA’s costs of £54,000.   The other senior partner was suspended from practice for 3 years and ordered to pay 338,000 costs.

  • Re: A (a firm) – advising one partner on the costs liabilities following a High Court decision to refer the costs of hotly contested proceedings brought by the SRA before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.  Instrumental in advising upon and drafting the written representations which resulted in the liability being reduced from a substantial 5 figure sum (which would have resulted in the client’s bankruptcy) to a fraction of this (affordable, and paid).

Personal Clients:

  • Scotton v Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust - Cerebral Palsy claim as a result of catastrophic birth injuries suffered as a result of the negligence of Maidstone Hospital during labour and delivery and community midwifes during pregnancy. Case settled for the equivalent of £9.6 million to be paid by part lump sum and index linked, tax-free periodical payments for Life.

  • H v G - Recovered £75,000 for a client who developed a post-traumatic migraine following a high-speed three vehicle road traffic collision (treated as a low-speed single vehicle collision by client's previous solicitors). Previous solicitors had valued the claim at £1,500.

  • D v L B Greenwich - Working with Lesley Batrick, £3.2 million recovered for a young man injured at age 11 when a roofing ladle fell from the roof of his school as he walked by, causing a significant brain injury. requiring lifelong care and case management.

  • W v Phillips - Working with Lesley Batrick to recover £1million for client seriously injured in a snowmobiling accident in Canada (part of leisure activities organised by W as part of an international sales conference. Case involved cross-border international law and jurisdictional issues (resolved in W's favour)

  • H v J - Recovered £100,000 for a client who sustained a serious whiplash injury following a moderate impact road traffic collision, Mike took the claim over from his client's original solicitors who were insisting that the same be settled for £2,600 and won £100,000 damages in less than 12 months.

  • C v (1) D and (2) MP - Working with Lesley Batrick, recovered just under £1/2 million for a client seriously injured when in Police custody having been arrested for allegedly being drunk and incapable and found unconscious on the steps of a London theatre. The police doctor certified Mike's client as "fit to detain" but instructed officers to maintain 15-minute neurological observations on him, which they allegedly failed to do. Case settled 4 weeks into a 6 week trial in the High Court

  • Re: AG v CICB - Recovered £910,000 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for a client who was the victim of a racist baseball bat attack in which he sustained mild brain and severe psychological injuries on an ongoing basis (PTSD). The case involved the interplay between the head injury and the psychological injury.

Other Interests

Outside of work I enjoy time with my family, mountain biking, surfing and walking the countryside and have been a lifelong fan of Chelsea FC.

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