Hayley Prideaux
Solicitor - Estate & Trust Disputes Specialist
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I am currently on Maternity Leave.

I have a broad range of experience in Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution specifically Inheritance Disputes and Professional Negligence.

I can act in respect of Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependents) Act 1975 Claims, challenges to the validity of Wills, Executor and Beneficiary disputes and TOLATA Claims.

I take a practical and pragmatic approach to disputes and I strive to achieve the best result possible for my clients as quickly and cost effectively as possible. I have regularly resolved disputes to the client’s satisfaction without the need to issue court proceedings which ensures legal costs, the client’s time in dealing with a claim and the disruption/stress that a dispute causes are kept to a minimum. I encourage Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) wherever possible and I have participated in several mediations.

I also have experience of dealing with alternative funding arrangements and I have expertise in running cases funded by Before the Event Legal Expenses Insurance.  In my previous role I advised insurers on a claim’s merits, quantum and policy cover which enabled them to make a decision as to whether cover was to be provided under the insurance policy.  I am in a unique position to advise clients whether they have Before the Event Legal Expenses Insurance which may cover their dispute and to assist them in their dealings with insurers to ensure such cover is put in place. I have also previously arranged After the Event Legal Expenses Insurance and liaised with insurers during the claim.

If ADR fails or is refused by the opposing party, I am a robust litigator and I have experience in the County Court and High Court.

My clients value my professionalism, hard work and attention to detail.  I understand that being involved in a dispute can be incredibly distressing and I do my utmost to ensure the dispute runs smoothly and ensure the client is kept up to date as it progresses.

Recent Successes

  • I recently settled a dispute arising from defective works to my client's property by a builder for the sum of £28,000 (including costs). The dispute was funded by Before the Event Legal Expenses Insurance and settled pre-action via correspondence and negotiations. The claim was brought against the builder and my client's credit card company pursuant to Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The builder refused to accept responsibility for the poor state of work at my client's property.  The client recovered his money from the credit card company as he had paid his ‘builder’ by credit card.

  • I have also recently settled a claim for damage to personal belongings kept in storage which were damaged beyond repair as a result of the Defendant's failure to properly ensure the storage facility was locked and secure from vermin. Damages in the sum of £20,000 were paid to my client by their credit card company pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. This claim was settled without the need to issue Court proceedings which meant the clients received the settlement monies quickly and legal costs were kept to a minimum. The claim was funded by Before the Event Legal Expenses Insurance.

  • I recently issued a claim in respect of defective landscaping works against the Defendant landscapers for approximately £15000. The claim was funded by Before the Event Legal Expenses Insurance. Settlement negotiations took place shortly after issue and the claim was highly likely to settle before the Defendants had filed their Defence, ensuring a quick result for the lay client and ensuring that legal costs were kept to a minimum for the insurer client.

  • In my last position I regularly advised Legal Expenses Insurers and lay clients in relation to the merits/quantum of building disputes and defective works, and ran those claims under the provisions of Before the Event Legal Expenses Insurance policies.

  • I have also recently settled a claim relating to the sale of a vehicle which suffered a catastrophic engine failure at low mileage, for approximately £11000. The settlement was achieved following the issue of proceedings against the Defendant and before trial.  

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