Maeve Thornton


Maeve Thornton




October 2015

Firm Trained With

O’Keeffe Solicitors, Chancery Lane, London


I am a experienced solicitor who has a strong grasp at obtaining the best outcome for my clients.

I am very aware that many of my clients have no experience of being the subject of a prosecution. In these circumstances I am compassionate and endeavour to thoroughly prepare my client by ensuring they understand the court room process and more importantly that they are adviced effectively on the evidence and kept up to speed throughout the duration of the proceedings.

I conduct advocacy on a weekly basis in the Magistrates Court for both legal aid and private fee matters. I accept instruction under private fee for motoring offences.

I have many years of experience of representing clients in the Crown Court. I source counsel from the most reputable chambers in London. I have in my experience litigated for an array of offences during the course of my career. I have litigated a wide spectrum from the most violent offences including:

  • Murder
  • Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Large Scale Drug Importations
  • Violent Disorder and
  • Sexual Offences.

I have experience of litigating Fraud offences and financial crime offences including those investigated by the SFO. In relation to these cases I represent the client from initial investigation stage at the police station.

I have a particular interest in international criminal law. I was a member of a Legal team who represented a client who faced extradition to face war crimes from a requesting state. I litigated this case over a 2 year period.

I forensically examine the evidence in all cases I deal with to ensure no stone is untouched in trying to obtain the best outcome for my clients.

Awards, Accreditations & Memberships

  • Higher Rights of Audience Qualification
  • Duty Solicitor Qualification Accreditation
  • Police Station Qualification Accreditation

Recent Successes

  • R V S - secured an acquittal for a defendant charged with 12 count Indictment of Fraud. This was a document heave and complex fraud the examination of gaps in disclosure made by the CPS.The value of the Fraud was in excess of £800,000.
  • R v W - The defendant was acquitted after raising the defence of duress for a drugs importation case. This case involved the examination and challenge of cell site evidence. The street value of the drugs seized during this operation had a street value of in excess of 1 million pounds.
  • R v N - successfully defended a defendant facing extradition to face war crimes. This case was litigated over a 2 year period and invoked the live issue of whether there would a fair trial in the country of requesting state.
  • R v S - the defendant acquitted after trial. The defendant was charged with historic Rape.
  • R v F - the defendant was acquitted of grievous Bodily harm. This case involved the challenge of medical evidence through effective defence expert appointment. The defendant raised defence of self defence.

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