Tehillah Otu


Tehillah Otu

Trainee Solicitor


Degree Studied (Grade)

LLB Law (2.1)

Master (LLM) in Professional Legal Practice (Commendation)

University Attended

University of Surrey

LPC Establishment

University of Law (Moorgate)

Languages Spoken



I am a Trainee Solicitor and currently a member of the Personal Injury Department.

I joined McMillan Williams in November 2017 as they have a high street ethos with exceptionally high standards for client service and plans for expansion. They prioritise establishing a relationship with local communities through their involvement in charities. Furthermore, MW Solicitors has a good record for career progression and I believe the firm is a good strong place for me to begin and build my legal career. I secured a Training Contract in March 2019 having worked as a Paralegal for just over a year and I am currently undertaking my first seat in the Personal Injury Department. I developed an interest in Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence and Private Client whilst studying the LPC.

During my time as a Paralegal, I worked closely with the Solicitors and support staff in the Personal Injury department which runs a range of complex high value personal injury cases. I have developed the legal skills I obtained whilst being an assistant in the family law department in a London law firm, and on my LPC. Part of my role involves taking new client enquiries which has allowed me to build upon my risk assessing skills and ability to evaluate the prospects of success and the value of a personal injury claim. It has also strengthened my skill at liaising with prospective clients.

I have been able to gain practical experience on a day to day basis on the many aspects of the litigation process, from drafting letters of claim to preparing schedules of loss and special damage. I have also attended Court to issue/file documents and have attended applications before Masters. I have attended Conferences with Barristers and have attended and assisted at Joint settlement meetings of high value cases. Under supervision, I prepare correspondence to clients, Medical Experts, opposing Solicitors, and Barristers.

I attend various training courses with APIL and Seminars organised by Barristers’ Chambers to ensure that I constantly update my legal knowledge and network.

I enjoy supporting and working with the Solicitors and support staff in the Personal Injury department and I am very excited to develop my knowledge further in my future seats. I am eager to pursue my career aspirations of qualifying as a Solicitor and hope to achieve this with the firm.

Recent Successes

My most recent case achievement was assisting on a road traffic accident case where the claimant suffered extensive injuries including brain injury, rib fractures, a fractured shoulder, and significant neurological symptoms the Claimant’s injuries had an ongoing  impact on employment, earnings and promotion prospects and personality and ability to deal with stress. Whilst liability was not admitted a Part 36 offer was made by the Defendant. This was before neurological evidence had been obtained and prior to the commencement of proceedings.

The Claimant was advised of the potential risk of settling without medical evidence from a neurologist, but the offer was a significant one which could not be ignored. The Claimant gave instructions to make a counter offer which was accepted and the claim settled in November 2018.

Work in the Community / Pro Bono Work

During my LPC studies I participated in the Pro Bono Family Legal Clinic supported by 2 well known firms.. This involved giving telephone advice to members of the public relating to divorce and care cases.

I have volunteered for the following charities/trust:

  • National Centre for Domestic Violence
  • Mind
  • London Legal Walk

Prior to working at McMillan Williams Solicitors, I worked at for a well known private hospital in the Radiology Department. This has helped in my current role to empathise with clients whose injuries have not just a physical and emotional impact but also affects their finances. It was also instrumental in building my ability to interpret radiology images, reports and medical records in general.

In 2013/14, I spent 7 months working as a Paralegal in Houston Texas. I had the opportunity to attend administrative hearings, depositions, employment tribunals and mediation. This was an excellent opportunity to work in a different legal jurisdiction and I hope to someday pass the New York Bar exam qualify as a US attorney.

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