Tharindu Amarasinghe


Tharindu Amarasinghe

Trainee Solicitor


Degree Studied (Grade)

LLB (2:1)

University Attended

University of Greenwich

LPC Establishment

London Metropolitan

Languages Spoken



From researching MW Solicitors, what I understood is that the firm is energetic and follows strong principles that include equality, diversity and inclusion which is shown by the amount of diversity awards that the firm has acquired over the years. What further impressed me is how the firm has their own unique way of providing training contracts that shows loyalty to their colleagues in return for their determination to keep MW Solicitors as one of the UK’s leading firms.

With MW Solicitors being notable for being one of the UK’s leading firms in bringing civil actions against the Police and protecting the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens, there are also other areas of the law that the firm delves into such as litigation, employment, family and property law. These areas of the law are vital for clients to find information and hence why this would be the perfect opportunity for myself to learn from vastly experienced members of MW Solicitors and to use that gained knowledge to become a great solicitor and a key investment to MW Solicitors.

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