Abuse is a criminal offence and in recent years a number of high profile cases spanning many decades have brought the plight of victims of abuse into sharp focus and have seen convictions of many famous and powerful individuals.  

Sensitive and Caring Professionals

Fiona McNelis
Fiona McNelis
Senior Associate Solicitor & Head of Public Law, Civil

Our team of experienced specialist abuse lawyers understand how you feel and will be able to discuss your needs.  We recognise that claims of this nature involve reliving the abuse and we understand how difficult this can be for you.  We promise to assist you with this process in a way which is most comfortable for you. 

Uncovering the Truth

We will help you investigate matters surrounding the abuse that you have suffered and if you wish to involve the police, we will assist and support you throughout that process. 

We will pursue your claim for damages against the person or organisation responsible for your abuse and we have considerable experience of bringing claims against children homes, schools, Social Services/Local Authorities, hospital authorities and other public bodies, as well as individuals and private bodies.  We have advised clients on matters relating to the Jimmy Saville litigation and many other cases.

Our Service

We can support you throughout the whole process.  Every case is different but they are all made up of a number of different stages:

  1. Initial Meeting - We will meet with you to discuss what has happened to you so we can understand your case and what you would like us to do.

  2. Police – We can assist you in reporting the matter to the Police.  We will assist in all liaison with the Police, if that is what you would like to do.

  3. Medical Evidence – We will help you to obtain evidence from a medical expert to confirm the extent of the trauma you suffered as a result of the abuse and to deal with any physical injuries you may have sustained as a result.  We will also help you deal with the difficult and emotional aspects of what happened to you.   In most, if not all cases, expert medical evidence will be required.

  4. Contact with the Defendant – We will deal with all contact with the perpetrator on your behalf so that you no longer need to see them or deal with them.

  5. Prepare the Case for Court - Following a full investigation of your case, we can assist you to prepare and issue a claim at Court and guide you throughout this process. 


We have over 20 Offices in the South East of England and can arrange appointments to see you at your nearest office closest to your home.  Alternatively and subject to your agreement, we can travel to meet with you.  Please advise us of your preferred location whenever we arrange to meet with you. 


We are able to offer a number of different funding options and we will discuss the best funding option for you when we meet to discuss your case.

  1. Legal Aid – this is available in some cases.  There is a means (financial) and merits test which both need to be passed before funding is granted.

  2. Conditional (no win no fee) Fee Agreements.

  3. Private funding.

We Can Help

MW is a top 200 firm with dedicated specialist teams in the fields of abuse, personal injury and actions against the Police and other public bodies.  This means that we are fully aware of the issues involved in dealing with these large organisations and are well placed to equip you with the tools needed to succeed in your aims. 

At MW, our mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone" including victims of abuse.  If you wish to talk to one of our Abuse Lawyers call us today on 020 3551 8500 or use our Contact Us form to arrange a callback at your convenience.

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