Disputes are undesirable for any individual or business, but even with careful planning they cannot always be avoided. We understand the disruption caused to households and businesses when building works go wrong and we understand you will want any issues resolved to your satisfaction as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

At McMillan Williams, we provide strategic and pragmatic advice to prevent problems escalating into significant disputes. We act decisively to achieve the best possible results for our clients whatever the size or nature of the dispute, whilst always striving to achieve the earliest possible resolution without the need to issue formal proceedings. 

We understand the complexities of construction disputes and are familiar with industry standard-form documents, such as JCT Standard Building Contracts. We also have experience of liaising with the NHBC and interpreting/enforcing the provisions of the NHBC Buildmark policy.

However, if court proceedings are necessary, our team of tenacious lawyers will ensure your interests are represented and protected at all times.

There are a number of ways in which building and construction disputes can be funded, which do not require you to privately fund the costs up front:


Sometimes you will have insurance contained on your existing insurance policies (such as household or car insurance) which would cover a dispute with a builder/contractor. This means your insurers would pay our legal costs. However, often your insurers will insist you use one of their selected solicitors who are unlikely to be specialist lawyers and they may therefore not achieve the best result for your case.  You should contact us if you think you may have insurance to cover a building/construction claim so that we can liaise with your insurers and ensure they pay our legal costs and thus, allow you to choose us as your specialist lawyers.

‘No Win No Fee’ Agreements

This is an agreement whereby we only get paid if we succeed on your claim (when we also then recover a success fee). If we don’t succeed, we waive our legal costs.  Changes in the government’s rules surrounding ‘no win no fee’ agreements (which came into force in April 2013) have made these agreements more complicated but we will be happy to explain how these agreements work.

Damages Based Agreement

We are now able to offer this type of agreement as a result of the government changes to funding in April 2013. This agreement is also contingent upon our succeeding on your case (as for a ‘no win no fee’ agreement) but in this circumstance we would recover a percentage of your award rather than our base costs plus success fee.  Call or email us today and we will be happy to explain how these agreements work.

We Can Help

At MW, our mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone" not just to those who can afford it.  If you are involved in a building or construction dispute or concerned about the way a project is progressing, and you are worried about your ability to pay fees, call our team of experienced solicitors today on 020 3551 8500 or use our Contact Us form to arrange a callback

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