With the right expertise, there are many ways to resist extradition.

Is the Extradition Request Valid?

The first issue is whether the request itself is technically valid.  Without specialist knowledge, deficiencies can be missed resulting in wrongful extradition. 
Our team has had many clients discharged and allowed to stay in the U.K. after identifying defects in the extradition request.

Does a Statutory Bar Exist?

Next, there are statutory “bars” to extradition, such as where extradition is sought for an improper purpose.  Another bar is that extradition cannot take place where it would be oppressive due to the passage of time, especially where there has been unexplained delays on the part of the requesting state. 

We have had many successes in establishing bars to extradition on behalf of our clients.

Is it a Breach of Human Rights?

Finally, extradition cannot take place where it would entail a real risk of a breach of human rights.  We have successfully mounted challenges based on anticipated human rights breaches, including Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights (inhuman and degrading treatment), Article 5 (right to liberty), Article 6 (right to a fair trial) and Article 8 (private and family life rights).

Where there is a challenge to be made, you can rest assured we will identify and advance it with the utmost skill and expertise.

We Can Help

At MW, our mission, is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone" including those who are being threatened with Extradition.  Our experienced and specialist Extradition Lawyers can help you identify grounds for a challenge and mount a defense against an Extradition request.

To speak to one of our team call us today on 020 3551 8500 or email us at enquiries@mwsolicitors.co.uk

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