England and Wales have some of the toughest fraud and money laundering laws in the world and such offences can carry stiff prison sentences for those convicted.

The police and other investigatory authorities, such as the National Crime Agency, Financial Conduct Authority and the Serious Fraud Office have wide-ranging powers when investigating such crimes and may even try to confiscate your assets in extreme cases. This is why you need an expert legal team on your side as soon as you think you are being investigated for such a crime. 

How we can help

The Criminal Defence Team at MW Solicitors have significant experience in defending people accused of fraud or financial crime including:

  • misappropriation of funds;
  • identity theft;
  • benefit fraud;
  • insurance fraud;
  • cyber fraud;
  • misuse of company assets;
  • insider trading;
  • money laundering; and
  • bribery and corruption.

From the police station to the court, our specialist white collar crime lawyers will deal with your case professionally and sympathetically, keeping you informed of our progress every step of the way and providing practical advice on your rights and the best way forward to ensure we get the right result for you.

We will look at all possible defences and examine every piece of evidence to try and back up your claims. We will call in expert witnesses when required, provide the best advocates to speak on your behalf, and work hard to protect your assets and your reputation throughout the whole distressing process.

Funding options

We offer a variety of funding options including legal aid (depending on your financial situation and the seriousness of the offence) or you may wish to privately fund your defence.  We offer fixed fees where possible to give you certainty from the outset. 

At MW Solicitors, Our Mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone" including those arrested or charged with fraud offences.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact our specialist Criminal Defence Solicitors without delay on 020 3551 8500 or or use our Contact Us form to arrange a callback.

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