Depending on your situation you may be eligible for government funding called Legal Aid.  Legal Aid is still available for a number of family cases, but if you are not eligible for Legal Aid you may want to consider the following:

Family Fee Choices 

Many people are put off instructing a solicitor because they are worried about the fees they will have to pay.  We have created “Family Fee Choices” to deal with those concerns and make our fees as transparent as possible.  We leave the choice of what you want to agree to pay to you, by offering you several alternatives.  You simply decide which of our fee schemes works best for the level of legal support you feel you need and what fits your budget. 

  • Pay as you go - This scheme allows you to pay for each piece of advice you seek from us, for a fixed price.  We don’t go on the court record as acting for you, so you continue to receive all the letters and court orders from the court and the other parties’ solicitors.  We won’t write to anyone on your behalf.  You simply come and see us when you need us and pay an agreed fee for that meeting and an email confirming what we have discussed and what we recommend you do next.  You can come as many times as you like, for as much or as little advice as you like, paying for each time you come.

  • Pay as you go (court) - Allows you to pay for us each time you need us.  One of our in house team of court experienced solicitors or barristers, will agree a fee with you for the type of hearing you need help with.  We will meet you at court, represent you there, and then send you an email setting out what happened and what you need to do next.  And that’s it. You pay us one agreed fee, and as long as the funds are with us before the hearing we will be there for you.  Next time you need us, just call again.

  • Fixed fee support - We will go on the record as acting for you and will correspond on your behalf with the court and the other parties.  We will prepare documents on you behalf and write to you at regular intervals to let you know what is going on.  All we ask of you is that you pay us the fixed fee up front.  We will set out in a detailed letter what is covered within the fee you have agreed with us.  We won’t charge you a penny more than the agreed amount, unless the case develops in a way that takes it out of the scheme or you ask us to do more.  This will be set out in the letter to you before you decide.  No court hearings will be covered in this fee scheme.  Although, if you want us to help you at court, you can pay us on a “Pay as you go” basis.

  • Traditional full legal support – Where you pay us a regular payment on account each month, and we will bill you each month based on an hourly rate charged for each piece of work we do for you.  The rate is based on the level of experience of the solicitor or legal adviser assisting you.  We will undertake all steps and correspondence involved in your case, including representing you at court.  We will send you a detailed letter at the beginning of the case estimating the likely overall costs of the case to be incurred and also additional costs like court fees, process server’s fees, and doctor’s report fees.  As long as you continue to keep us in funds we will continue to act for you, but if you are unable to continue to pay us we reserve the right to stop acting for you.  We will see you in a fixed fee appointment to get the details of the case and then write to you setting out all the costs information before you decide if you want to instruct us in this basis.

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