You are legally and lawfully living in the UK and are being required to leave the country to face trial or serve a prison sentence.

European Arrest Warrant

At McMillan Williams our specialist extradition team are experts in fighting any type of extradition request.  If you have been arrested on a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) it can often be a very confusing and difficult time.  Our team has a wealth of experience of contesting European Arrest Warrant requests as well as extradition requests from countries outside of the operation of the European Arrest Warrant. 

If you or a family member has been arrested and are facing an Extradition request, you will be taken to Westminster Magistrates Court.  It is important to seek the right representation at an early stage and our specialist extradition lawyers can assist you.  The Court will determine the preliminary matters at an Initial Hearing and if you contest your extradition, the Court will list your case for a full extradition hearing.  The Court will often require the payment of a bail deposit by way of cash security, surrender of identity documents together with compliance with other bail conditions. It is key to identify the issues in the case early on, which could be on Human Rights grounds or procedural.

Our team can assist you from this early stage, throughout proceedings and we have successfully contested extradition requests cases, both in Part 1 (European Arrest Warrant) and Part 2 cases, both on Human Rights and on procedural grounds.  Therefore if arrested on a European Arrest Warrant or for an extradition request, we can help you.

We have cases that are due to be heard at the United Kingdom Supreme Court, concerning the technical construction of the law and its applicability to a European Arrest Warrant.  We have litigated cases in the Divisional Court, Administrative Court and of course at Westminster Magistrates Court. 

Our expertise extends to the Human Rights challenges and the procedural challenges to extradition requests.  We have extensive experience in contesting extradition on both fronts. 

We Can Help

At MW our mission is to make quality legal services accessible to everyone, including those facing extradition. If you or a family member has been arrested on a European Arrest Warrant; or is facing extradition on an Extradition request, please contact our specialist team for advice and assistance on 020 3551 8500 or email us at

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