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The Court has wide-ranging powers that allow it to enforce its authority and reprimand those who disobey the Court.  A judge can fine or even jail a person if they find them to be in contempt of court.  Typically someone held in Contempt of Court will have:

  • deliberately breached injunctions or judgments

  • been disrespectful to court officers

  • been rude to a judge 

  • disrupted legal proceedings 

However, Contempt of Court is not a straightforward issue, and the Court will on occasion make an error when making a ruling that someone is in Contempt of Court.

Journalists and Contempt of Court

For instance, a judge cannot usually find a journalist guilty of contempt of court for refusing to disclose the sources of information, but there are exceptions to this legal rule, such as if disclosure is necessary 'in the interests of justice'.

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At McMillan Williams, our experienced solicitors can assist and represent clients who are either concerned that they may fall foul of the law relating to Contempt of Court, or who already have had a ruling made against them.  If you are in any doubt call us today on 0203 551 8500 or email us at enquiries@mwsolicitors.co.uk.

If you have been targeted by persistent and unwanted attention from a third party, there may have been an infringement of your legal right to be free from harassment.

Harassment laws exist to prevent stalking and on occasion persistent and unpleasant conduct towards individuals by media organisations or journalists. They also protect individuals from being harassed by people on social media, or through another mode of communication.

We seek damages (ie, compensation) for clients who suffer anxiety and financial losses resulting from harassment. We also obtain injunctions for clients, to ensure the harassment ceases.

Our experts have successfully obtained judgments in court against those who harass, as well as out-of-court undertakings from them agreeing to cease their oppressive and unreasonable conduct towards our clients.

In addition, if you are being harassed by a journalist or media organisation, we can make a complaint on your behalf to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, which handles complaints against the media for breaches of the Editors' Code of Practice. We also conduct complaints cases for clients in relation to breaches of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, which protects people from persistent infringements of their privacy by broadcasters.

We also specialise in seeking the removal of harassing material from social media websites, forums, and internet service providers through Cease and Desist notices.

We specialise in handling Missing Freeholder court applications and as a firm we have significantly developed the law and procedure in the courts.

Geoffrey Stagg
Geoffrey Stagg
Partner - Property Disputes

We were the first firm to apply to court and successfully retrieve funds paid into court.

Under the statutory framework (in particular the 1993 Leasehold Reform etc. Act) long residential leaseholders who typically have a flat in a building where the freeholder has been missing and untraced for several years still have the right to extend their lease by an additional 90 years.

Alternatively if they can club together with their neighbouring owners the leaseholders can also acquire the freehold itself thereby resolving issues over the marketability of their property and the future management of the building.

The process involves two separate applications (one to the County Court and one to the First Tier Tribunal) and payment of a premium into the Court Funds Office but with our experience and unique knowledge of the process can be carried out as smoothly and economically as possible.

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At MW Solicitors, our mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone" including those who need to extend their lease when their freeholder is missing.

Talk to our team of specialist Lawyers about your circumstances do not hesitate, call us today on 020 3551 8500 or use our Contact Us form to arrange a callback.

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