If you have been targeted by persistent and unwanted attention from a third party, there may have been an infringement of your legal right to be free from harassment.

Harassment laws exist to prevent stalking and on occasion persistent and unpleasant conduct towards individuals by media organisations or journalists. They also protect individuals from being harassed by people on social media, or through another mode of communication.

We seek damages (ie, compensation) for clients who suffer anxiety and financial losses resulting from harassment. We also obtain injunctions for clients, to ensure the harassment ceases.

Our experts have successfully obtained judgments in court against those who harass, as well as out-of-court undertakings from them agreeing to cease their oppressive and unreasonable conduct towards our clients.

In addition, if you are being harassed by a journalist or media organisation, we can make a complaint on your behalf to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, which handles complaints against the media for breaches of the Editors' Code of Practice. We also conduct complaints cases for clients in relation to breaches of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, which protects people from persistent infringements of their privacy by broadcasters.

We also specialise in seeking the removal of harassing material from social media websites, forums, and internet service providers through Cease and Desist notices.

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