The Court has wide-ranging powers that allow it to enforce its authority and reprimand those who disobey the Court.  A judge can fine or even jail a person if they find them to be in contempt of court.  Typically someone held in Contempt of Court will have:

  • deliberately breached injunctions or judgments

  • been disrespectful to court officers

  • been rude to a judge 

  • disrupted legal proceedings 

However, Contempt of Court is not a straightforward issue, and the Court will on occasion make an error when making a ruling that someone is in Contempt of Court.

Journalists and Contempt of Court

For instance, a judge cannot usually find a journalist guilty of contempt of court for refusing to disclose the sources of information, but there are exceptions to this legal rule, such as if disclosure is necessary 'in the interests of justice'.

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