Mortgages for a farm or land based commercial business is a specialised form of commercial mortgage lending. 

There are also lenders who will assist with livestock finance, enabling the farmer to expand a herd or cover existing expenditure.  This is a form of working capital finance with repayments dates that suit the timing of farm income.There are many lenders providing short to medium term finance in this market.  Often the finance is needed to take advantage of a specific project or to improve an existing business opportunity, but it is always secured on the agricultural land and buildings.

The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation specialises in providing mortgage finance for farms and land based commercial businesses. They specialise in medium to long term loans to the farming industry and have been leaders in this field for many years.  Other banks will also look closely at this form of finance.

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At McMillan Williams we understand farmers’ needs.  We are panel members of Folk2Folk, a peer lender based in the West Country, which provides the sort of opportunity finance that could well suit the farmer.

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