A Commercial Contract is a legally binding agreement between parties which outlines the terms of a commercial relationship.

Examples of Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts can be drawn up between businesses or between a business and their customers to formally agree things like

  • Long term supply agreements
  • Outsourcing contracts 
  • Distribution agreements

The contract is not required to be in writing and therefore it can be either be in writing or as a verbal agreement.

Four Essential Elements to a Commercial Contract

A Commercial contract must contain the following:

  1. The Offer – A pledge by one party to another promising to enter into a contract on set terms.

  2. Acceptance – The explicit agreement to the terms of the offer without any further negotiation.

  3. Consideration – The value exchanged by each party when entering into an agreement.

  4. Intention to create legal relations – The intention by all parties to enter into a legal contract.  Without this, no legally binding agreement can be drawn up.

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