Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 the public has the right to access certain information held by public bodies.

Ryan Dunleavy
Ryan Dunleavy
Partner & Head of Media Law Reputation Management

The Freedom of Information Act

The FOI Act does two things:

  1. It obliges public authorities to publish certain information about their activities; and

  2. It entitles members of the public to request information from public authorities.

Certain information is exempt from disclosure, and other information can be redacted from documents.  

We advise both public bodies and members of the public upon whether information falls into one of these exemptions, or whether it can be redacted.  Where a member of the public decides to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office about a public body withholding information from them, we can conduct those complaints on our clients' behalf.

Often we advise and represent journalists and media organisations in relation to freedom of information matters.

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