McMillan Williams represents and advises clients in relation to copyright and moral rights.  Our expert lawyers assist clients in effectively using and exploiting their own copyrighted works.

We negotiate, draft and advise upon copyright licences and assignments. We also represent clients who wish to enforce their moral rights.  In addition, we advise in general about using copyright law for brand protection.


Copyright is a property right. It subsists in original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works, as well as sound recordings, films and broadcasts.  It also applies to typographical arrangements of published editions. No registration is needed in England for copyright to subsist in a work.  Photographs, graphic works, computer programs, architectural works, novels, databases, newspaper and magazine articles, poems, and a host of other works are copyrighted in England.

Copyright laws give copyright owners an exclusive set of rights, such as the right to copy the work, issue copies to the public, rent or lend work to the public, perform the work in public, and make adaptations of the work.

Moral Rights

Moral rights give the creator of a work the right to be identified, the right to object to derogatory treatment of a work, the right to object to false attribution of a work, and the right to privacy of certain photographs and films.


With the advent of the internet, it became easier for others to take, use and store copyrighted works unlawfully, sadly this happens all too often.  We represent people and companies that have had their copyright infringed, and seek substantial damages in response, as well as the ceasing of the infringing actions.

Our clients include businesses, photographers, novelists, writers of corporate literature, biographers, musicians, artists, scriptwriters, cartoonists, and journalists.

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